Jan. 1st, 2009

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I have a happy new year period! But also a hot water bottle and painkillers. Did I say today was going to be a productive day? Haha. I'm sure I didn't. You must be imagining things.


Read in 2008 (non-comprehensive list, I fear, because I have a sieve-memory -- this is just what immediately comes to mind. next year I'm writing it down as I go, damn it):

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Books begun in 2008 which NEED to be finished in 2009 (most unfinished for reasons of library reservation queues, some only just started):

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To Read in 2009:

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...and there is a lot more BUT I AM GOING TO STOP NOW, before I scare myself. I write this down largely as an attempt to remind myself what I'm meant to be reading, since I own a lot of the above books and just haven't got around to them yet but tend to GO OUT AND BUY MORE BOOKS WHENEVER I HAVE MONEY ANYWAY.
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This was tonight's dinner, using turkey stock I made after Christmas and really nice leftover bacon from the same. Pared down version -- no celery, cabbage or parsley, and I honestly don't know why you'd NEED to add salt to something which has so much bacon in so I didn't -- but it's still pretty tasty! :) I used green lentils and did soak them for most of the afternoon beforehand.


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