May. 1st, 2009

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Eee, a paid account out of nowhere. :D Whoever materialised that one, thank you!

I'm still very much liking what I've seen of Dreamwidth but am feeling a bit torn on how to go about using it. It's that question of where the people are, of course, although I'm happy to see that quite a few people have a presence here now. I've imported my old journal entries, although most of them are entirely invisible as I haven't instituted any filters here and pretty much everything that wasn't public was filtered on my livejournal. In that respect it's mostly a personal archive and a useful duplicate. I don't feel that keen on crossposting everything from now on. I don't know. We'll have to see how this one shakes out. I want to do something here, for sure.
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We've just had our first hot day of the year** which means I'm going through ritual seasonal irritation with my hair. Can I just hack my hair off to half an inch long or something? Can I? Okay, so it would look entirely ridiculous, but it wouldn't get in the way! Anyway, I really do need a haircut, my hair is down well past the base of my neck now. I need at least three inches hacked off, probably more. Now there's just that little question of affording it. I think I'm going to stalk the hairdressers in town tomorrow and see which ones do cheap cuts from apprentice hairdressers etc.

Of course if I hadn't randomly bought a waistcoat today this would be marginally less of an issue (although only marginally, since the waistcoat was very very cheap & haircuts are pretty expensive). I regret nothing, really, though. It's a neat but basic piece of clothing and I'm going to replace the buttons on it to make it more interesting - metal buttons maybe if I can find some I like, or anything else that catches my eye. I find myself wanting a shirt that buttons right up, as opposed to all the open-necked women's ones, and a tie or perhaps a cravat, and a pocket-watch. Have I mentioned that I'm feeling overtly eccentric again lately? It's been a couple of years and the direction has changed a bit (though really, I still love corsets as well, but you try improvising those kinds of outfits on minimal resources) but hey, I guess it doesn't go away. Being a little mad in the harmless sort of way makes me feel a bit more like myself, anyway. *wry* (Actually, I have quite a list of very very specific items of clothing I want right now. I know precisely what I'm looking for; it's just a question of finding it within budget. I'll be scavenging around for a few months, on and off, whenever I can spare a bit of money. And then it'll be too hot out to wear any of it. *laughs* Good grief, don't even get me started on how I feel about summer clothing.)

This entry sponsored by light evenings, light mornings, and temperatures over 20 degrees C. (I love one of these things. The other two are more dubious.)

** i.e. the same temperature as a pretty cool day in [personal profile] crystal's part of the world.


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