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This is still one of the best minimal-effort recipes ever. Of course I have to use gluten-free soy sauce and check the bottle of the mirin to make sure it's one of the safe ones, but those are things I have around anyway. I have periods of total ambivalence about food in general, but I'm not sure I'm ever not in the mood for this one...

(Must remember stockpile mirin when I'm next in London, actually -- although I've substituted other alcohols in and added a bit of extra sugar in the past, and it's worked fine. Sake and chinese cooking wine have been successfully deployed, in moments of "well, what DO you have in your cupboard, then?" mid-cooking. This happens more than you might think... *coughs* Slightly different taste, but the overall effect is the same.)

ETA: While I'm on the topic of food, I really must check out (and recommend that those of you inclined to cook also check out) some of these recipes. I totally forgot to watch Anjum Anand's latest season after the first couple of episodes, but I'm prepared to bet most of it is pretty delicious. The plus sides to it being indian food are that: 1) there is ALMOST NO WHEAT FLOUR IN ANYTHING and 2) there's nice-looking vegetarian stuff. Something for everyone except people who hate indian food, and... they're just overly picky, damn it. *g*
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