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If you've found me here somehow and don't already know me (cannot imagine this will prove a common event) then let's have a quick run-down:

I'm a trained archaeologist and an untrained library assistant (a protolibrarian, if you will); I work on a voluntary basis at a local library. I'm in my early 20s. I've been active in various anime/manga fandoms since 2005, and before that I lived in a quiet corner of Lord of the Rings fandom and didn't notice much of what went on at all. Right now I only have slightly nostalgic fandoms. I lack a current obsession, although I'm a writer of sorts, or at least a small mass of writerly angst, which sort of fills the gap. I read a lot, too. I'm not predominantly heterosexual but beyond that I tend to get confused as to where precisely I stand. I can happily geek over books, comics, and various dice-based roleplaying things. It's possible my view on the world is a bit odd but I like to hope I'm more baffling than offensive (although I'm pretty sure I can manage irritatingly vague). I'm rather British, liberal but mostly annoyed with the entirety of my government regardless of party tags, and have no religious beliefs, having been raised by a devout atheist and a laid-back christian. I'm unwell quite a lot. Music is important to me. I often forget that TV exists. In an ideal world I would wander around in a three-piece suit with an amazing hat and a pocket-watch just because I could. I miss having neon hair (any colour). Sometimes I want to run away to Sweden. Red shoes are the best shoes, and the best kind of floor-covering is one you can cat-proof. I'm alternately extremely organised and in state of complete chaos. I live with a mad engineer (not my partner, except in creative evil) and a madder cat. My relationship status can be summarised as "I'll think about trying to explain if you feed me half a bottle of vodka, but not before."

My journal name this time comes from a VNV Nation song. (Firstlight/Arclight.) I don't pick 'em for massive personal significance. I don't know how.

Well, wasn't that uninformative? :)
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