Jan. 14th, 2009 04:44 pm
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*adds The Warrior's Apprentice (Lois McMaster Bujold) to the read pile*

Good read, that one. *g* I started off a bit dissatisfied purely because I bounced straight over to it from the Gentleman Bastard books and I am possibly... somewhat over-fond of the main characters there. Other books were liable to be found guilty of the crime of Not Being About Locke. That slight barrier overcome, though, it was a really enjoyable story. I look forward to Miles's continued adventures, when I can actually find any of the other books. (Not least, one has to wonder how he'll avoid getting strangled. WAIT, DOES THIS SOUND LIKE SOMETHING I MAY HAVE SAID ABOUT LOCKE RECENTLY? HMM.)

Apparently I'm quite fond of characters who are Too Inventive For Their Own Good.

Who knew.

(Don't answer that.)

Next is Fairyland by Paul J McAuley, because it's been sitting on my to read pile since I was in my mid-teens, and that's a slightly embarrassing period of time to have been meaning to read a book for. It's probably been about four or five years since I even spoke to the person who recommended it to me. (They also recommended Altered Carbon and The Stars My Destination, both of which I only got around to last year and both of which I loved... oops.)
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Original writing. I've had a number of moderately serious conversations with people about this recently; it is something I really want to do, and if we're making (really belated) new year's resolutions then mine should probably be -- rather than write so much every day or write so much this year -- just write, and write with my own characters, in my own little worlds, embryonic as they may be.

I spent a lot of last year thinking really hard about this and not managing to get anywhere, so if I can make any progress that'd be sort of amazing.

I'm not a very good original writer. When I last regularly wrote original fiction it was 2005, and if you've known me in fandom since then you'll know how far my writing has come in that time. I have far better technical skills than I did at that stage, but the problem is, my skill at developing characters from scratch and all those other Rather Important Things hasn't really moved at all.

But I'm getting ahead of myself here.

The first barrier is confidence, because I'll never improve if I'm too scared to put words on paper.

So the goal is to write, and write, and write, and keep the worrying as far in check as humanly possible. And to remember that it's okay if stuff is crap at first.

(This post sponsored by [livejournal.com profile] firescribble, [livejournal.com profile] dshae47, and [livejournal.com profile] readerofasaph, primarily. I'm not sure how I'm going to manage any of this, but it's their fault so they get to deal with the consequences. :D)

Do not expect great things of me; I am the person who planned to cook gluten-free pasta bake for dinner tonight only to realise about five minutes ago that she had no gluten-free pasta. But I do my odd, warped, somewhat confused best.
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From Wikipedia: The series [From Eroica With Love] revolves around the adventures of Klaus Heinz von dem Eberbach, an uptight NATO major, and Dorian Red Gloria, an openly gay English lord who delights in bothering Klaus. ... Dorian is physically modelled after Robert Plant.


Dorian and his gang are based on the band Led Zeppelin, of which Yasuko Aoike is a fan.

...do Led Zeppelin know about this?
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This was tonight's dinner, using turkey stock I made after Christmas and really nice leftover bacon from the same. Pared down version -- no celery, cabbage or parsley, and I honestly don't know why you'd NEED to add salt to something which has so much bacon in so I didn't -- but it's still pretty tasty! :) I used green lentils and did soak them for most of the afternoon beforehand.
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I have a happy new year period! But also a hot water bottle and painkillers. Did I say today was going to be a productive day? Haha. I'm sure I didn't. You must be imagining things.


Read in 2008 (non-comprehensive list, I fear, because I have a sieve-memory -- this is just what immediately comes to mind. next year I'm writing it down as I go, damn it):

Read more... )

Books begun in 2008 which NEED to be finished in 2009 (most unfinished for reasons of library reservation queues, some only just started):

Read more... )

To Read in 2009:

Read more... )

...and there is a lot more BUT I AM GOING TO STOP NOW, before I scare myself. I write this down largely as an attempt to remind myself what I'm meant to be reading, since I own a lot of the above books and just haven't got around to them yet but tend to GO OUT AND BUY MORE BOOKS WHENEVER I HAVE MONEY ANYWAY.
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There's already a happy thing for today, and that's Sir Terry. 8)

More to come later, perhaps?

(I'm also quite happy that I can lie under my duvet and tell you this, because the house has been fucking freezing these last few days. We had a mild Christmas, but we're in for a cold new year.)
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I am writing this on my new acer aspire. I have nothing much else to say for myself because I have to run to work now but the machine is here and it's so tiny and pretty and... blue. *g* It comes with firefox and all that, and it connected to the internet without drama. Up and away!

I have no time to play with it now really since I have to, you know, go to work. But it's HERE!


Dec. 28th, 2008 03:17 pm
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A netbook has been ordered! It will be mine! :DDDDDD *twirls*
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Liz: *makes experimental mince pies*
Pez: *grabs a bit of one fresh out of the oven*
Liz: ...does it taste okay?
Pez: I aant ell it oo ot!
Liz: ...
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Going in to London the clouds were so low that the tops of all the bank buildings over by Canary Wharf were lost in haze.

I've had dim sum, bought a couple of really cheap handbags (mmm sales), been to a fascinating tea shop, caught up with Sarah, and been to see Monkey.

Monkey is fantastic and if you have a chance to go and see it while it's still on at the O2 I do recommend it. It's a combination of music and acrobatics and animation and stageplay. The cast are all Chinese and it's in Mandarin, but with screens off to each side giving English when it matters. The costumes are amazing and some of the acrobatics are just stunning and it's pretty funny sometimes, too. It's such an interesting fusion of... all sorts of things.

That's the limit of my oh-so-intelligent assessment at quarter to eleven at night. *g*

(Mum, you were wondering what Journey to the West is: wikipedia article which might illuminate things at least a little, and the thing I went to see today.)
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We have seven tills, plus an extra one, which is next to till one and which we basically don't use because it's really inconveniently set up. Yesterday we were so busy we used it. But it doesn't have a number or a call button, so the girl on it was using the till one call button as well.

Customer: ...who is number one?
Liz: Ahaha, uhm, whichever you like... (You are, number six!)

Syl, who phoned me last night ♥, suggests that I'm not actually working for [Well-Known High Street Shop] but on the set of the remake of The Prisoner.

I should also add -- if you remember, in June Nori visited and Pez and I went with her to Berlin, where we found the East Berlin green crossing man (and associated merchandise) to be supremely disturbing and/or hilarious.** Well. What you may not know is that Pez, in her infinite Pezness, also bought cookie-cutters in the shape of the green man and the red man.

The green man cookie-cutter makes supremely disturbing biscuits. It's really sort of beautiful, yet traumatic.

I'll leave photographic evidence of that one up to her. Possibly they shouldn't be shown before watershed.

** They weren't the only slightly bizarre thing we encountered, either.

ETA: Royal Mail delivery on Sunday morning. O_o What is this madness. One would think they were actually trying to get everyone's mail delivered for Christmas! *g*
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Pez came to find me at work and we had lunch together. That was good. Otherwise, today has basically been really surreal.

Liz: *working at till six* *presses the little CASHIER NUMBER SIX PLEASE button*
Customer: Hello, number six.
Liz: (...I'm not a number! I'm a free man!) Er, hello! Would you like a bag!
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Neal Stephenson on self-defence with a parasol and turning a bicycle into a weapon: "The bicycles we're not sure how to approach..."
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[livejournal.com profile] trail_hunter [livejournal.com profile] trail_hunter [livejournal.com profile] trail_hunter [livejournal.com profile] trail_hunter [livejournal.com profile] trail_hunter

FICS ARE UP YAY. Most of them are quite short which is sort of merciful right now because it means I'll actually get to READ them at some stage rather than having them sit permanently on the to-read list and never getting anywhere with them and then feeling guilty. I looked some of them over before posting and there are some interesting things around, oh yes.

(And my thing of embarrassing badness. Watch the competition between me and Lynn for title of 'worst submission'. XDDDDDD)

Go forth. You Know What To Do. :D
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Hmm )

Watched the first LoGH movie today (because however much I'd like to I don't feel I've got time to start on the actual series right now) -- really rather enjoyed it, although Yang is possibly the only character I feel like I've got much of a grasp of from it. *laughs* Heavy on the Epic Space Battles With Epic Dramatic Music, which is totally not a bad thing. I'll keep poking at bits and pieces of LoGH as and when I have the time and brain, I reckon.

I am so far behind on 00 that it's just not funny. I really must catch up; it's a stupid series but it's fun-stupid. And I have stuff to write and keep getting put off by not being up to date.
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I keep thinking that the way in which Phoenix Wright appeals to me is broadly similar to the way Asterix appeals to me. The puntastic names and the odd humour and oh man. If Goscinny and Underzo had been ordered to make a videogame about lawyers...?

I don't really have a point, I just thought you might like to know. I'm not sure why I thought that.

(I'm getting towards the end of Justice for All, anyway.)
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Someone asked me why there hadn't been Tezmobile photos for a while. My camera still sucks, though.

...she put herself there, but somehow she doesn't look too impressed...

(Pez's camera is better. XD;)


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