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Aug. 17th, 2017 09:50 pm
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Because I still like to keep a record of all my fandoms in the solid, taggable, easily find-againable and wholesomely nostalgic world of LJ (or indeed Dreamwidth), I'd like to note my recent and total obsession with the Libertines since I saw them at Tramlines festival last month. I remembered them from my undergrad days of course, dancing to Time for Heroes and Up the Bracket at Fuzz Club on a Thursday after anime soc, and I have a copy of their second album on CD, though I admit it wasn't one that got much playing at the time. I'd even dabbled in the fandom - I was pleased to note I'd retained membership of a bunch of LJ communities, and I remember reading fic (oh, the angst!). I even had a copy of the (surprisingly serious) book that was written by a couple of journos after the initial demise of the band - I remember I must've bought it in 2006, because it definitely went with me to America, even though I didn't read it then.

So I was excited to see them, for nostalgia, and also because they always had the feeling of being important. But then I saw them, and suddenly - it was time. I didn't even know a lot of the songs - I'd never listened to the album they released in 2015 - but they were memorable enough that I could pick them out when I did listen to the later. Over and over again, because that album was actually very, very good.

It's funny that I had a brush with the fandom so long ago, but I think the story had to move onto this chapter for me to be fully ensnared. I mean, of course I was intrigued all those years ago by Pete and Carl, one of the greatest music OTPs in history, but a beautiful reconciliation and successful rebuilding of a uniquely special relationship is the happy ending (or at least, continuation) I needed to lure me in. It's a rollercoaster already, I'd expect nothing less, but I have a ticket to see them on their tour in September so I'm hoping the old Albion can remain on course for a good while yet.

(I know I used to know someone on LJ who had the blog title Gin in teacups and leaves on the lawn, but alas, I cannot remember who. I'm in a lovely mix of nostalgia, for a lot of different times, and enjoying the feeling of a fresh, new playground to explore.)

[fic] VLD - Drink to That

Aug. 11th, 2017 01:16 pm
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Title: Drink to That
Characters/Pairings: Shiro/Keith/Lance
Summary: It's always been clear that Shiro and Keith are close, but Lance hadn't realized they were this close.
Notes: Adult for smut; not compliant with season three. Illustrations by keithhawke.

Lance had asked about it once during that awful period when Shiro had been missing and Team Voltron had been falling apart at the seams: 'So… you and Shiro. You two go back, huh?' )


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