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1. Idol DVDs can do terrible things to a person.

[ profile] solaas: I so didn't need the image of dragmasa and gay hairdresser gaku together
[ profile] solaas: TOGETHER THEY FIGHT CRIME

2. Black Lagoon fic. Why isn't there more of it? I fear I'm going to have to write some more soon. Though I still have no idea how to actually get Revy and Rock together. Idiots. (And then there's Balalaika and Chang. As a rule I don't really grasp the concept of hatesex, but I can make an exception.)

Mind you, I don't even dare actually crosspost what I already wrote. Hm.
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1. Gundam 00:

14 episodes in.

All other gundam pilots: *prepare for a mission*
Setsuna: *is half way across the world, wandering into people's bedrooms in the middle of the night to ask cryptic questions and then vanishing again*


I have yet to see any evidence that Setsuna is not, in fact, too stupid to live. I just don't get him. At all. (Of course, his random acts of ???? do make me more sympathetic to Tieria's point of view - it's not that he has PMS so much as that he really is just surrounded by idiots.)

2. Darker Than Black:

I still don't have a clue what's going on but I sure am intrigued. By the concept of Contractors and everything else. (4 episodes in and episode 5 was corrupt so I'm having to re-download. If it doesn't work this time I will mope.)

3. Black Lagoon:

Hot girl with gun. Shootouts. Crime. Speedboats. *sold* (Only seen one episode so far though.)


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