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So. Shunsui and Ukitake.

I want to see Ukitake kick ass in fic. I know he's ill, sure, but he can't possibly be bed-ridden all the time and still maintain his position as captain. I don't know.

Maybe he has good centuries sometimes.



(Damn. I want Bleach fic. How did this happen? I wasn't even reading the manga. It just... ambushed me.)
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Soul Society was quite obviously designed by Bloody Stupid Johnson. :D

It explains so much. Especially those random holes all over the place, and the never-ending staircases.
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Allow me to flail over episode 117 of Bleach, OMG. *__* Too much time spent referring back to the filler arc (XD always in such a token way, it amuses me) but otherwise, OMG OMG OMG. OMG )

Oh, heh heh, I saw part of an episode of post-filler Naruto the other day. Not convinced. But I am bitter about how much of my life that show stole, so it would take a lot of convincing... (just bitching about Naruto. Sorry. I know some of you love it.) )

And I re-downloaded episode 33 of Saiunkoku, and it worked. Phew. *stares happily at it* Mmmm... :)
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Why does Suzanne keep turning the heating off? D:

Amazon one-click ordering is so dangerous. Oh well. A bunch more Bleach volumes should be on their way to me... Everyone is getting so excited about recent events in the manga. Even more curiosity and need to get caught up. Might pick it up from the end of soul society and then backtrack and read the earlier volumes in paperback form. when they arrive. The (official) English translation isn't right the way up to the end of Soul Society yet but it's getting there. Could anyone tell me when exactly the Soul Society arc ends in the manga, and if it's similar enough to allow me to just jump right in at that point or if I really do need to read the earlier parts of the manga first?

Bleach 114 )

Bleach myu!

Feb. 2nd, 2007 10:33 pm
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Tonight = a night of much Bleach. And good food. And... insanity. (So what's new?)

We just wached the Bleach myu... the title of which has slipped my mind, but the one which was released recently, anyway. The Dark of the Bleeding Moon, Pez informs me. *uses chibi Byakuya icon because it seems somehow apropriate to Myu!Byakuya...*

Shiny. Shinier than the previous ones. Kinda WTF-ish in places, but hey. Yoruichi! Zaraki! Matsumoto! Byakuyaaaaaa! DANCING ZARAKI WTF!!? - by no means a real review )

K. As warned, not really a review at all. Because... I'm braindead and Pez's flat is stealing my energy again, and anyway, Pez is playing the Bleach game on Wii and that keeps stealing my attention. Scuse me while I go stare at that for a while.
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[An entry I tried to post earlier but was evidently too sleepy to do right. XD Just noticed it wasn't actually there, so. Urahara wins. I do not. Yes, I'm aware that I'm spamming.]

It's been a good couple of days. The quietness has been because I've had [ profile] blue_emotion staying with me (and [ profile] dystopiarcadia was here on Tuesday as well) - a lot of talking, catching up, and of course fangirling. At some point transcripts of the Yami drama CDs got involved and it was all downhill from there. *snerk* We have watched a vast amount of GetBackers and Bleach, and random episodes of... assorted other things.

Urahara, we have decided, wins at life. Also at making us laugh inappropriately much. I present:

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Exhibit D

Ichigo is slightly lost for words. Probably at how idiotic we are. XD

...It should be pointed out that Jess and I used to have the same A-level English Literature teacher, a woman called Bamba (I'm not joking), who was unreasonably obsessed with finding phallic symbolism. Even as literature teachers go. I think we may have been warped for life.


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