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Hah. Fear my ability to lie about the number of sections any given fic will have.

As with the first part, this part does have closure of its own, so it's not like you're being left hanging for a third part - just that there will eventually be one, when I have the time and attention span.
[Edit] Actually, it's complete. Part three? Is a sequel, because the style of writing is substantially different and Connect was put there as a get-together fic anyway, so it's really fulfilled its purpose in these two parts.

Oh yes - and as of about three hours' time I'll no longer have a net connection, so lack of response to anything you have to say about this isn't me being rude, it's me being off in a tent in a field somewhere in Eastern England without a computer. For the next five weeks. So don't hold your breath for updates to anything else, either...

I finally decided to stop beating myself up over quality and just post this. So here it is.

Title: Connect (2/2)
Rating: PG/PG-13
Characters: Niou, Yagyuu; Yagyuu's POV. (No longer gen.)
Summary: Niou and Yagyuu build a relationship. This section set in high school. The tennis seems to be hiding again. Oops. XD

Part One

Connect )
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Here we go. Fic time again. Not the fic people are hoping to see from me, I know. Sorry.

Not a startlingly original fic. And not complete, either, because I fail at finishing what I start. Goodness knows how I do at writing them as teenage boys. XD It's all rather a new experience, frankly.

This fic was begun as a birthday present for [ profile] blue_emotion and continued with [ profile] suboshiyui's birthday in mind, which I maintain is why the SanaYuki hints began creeping into the second section. Hope Jess had a fantastic birthday and that Sarit will have a good day too! ♥ both of you. Jess, sweetheart, you're an awesome friend, and I'm really glad we're in contact again after letting things drift for so long. Sarit, you're an absolute darling for putting up with me when you have so much of your own stuff going on and, horrible and bratty as I am, I really like talking to you.

I know, I'm way cheap, one unfinished fic for two people's birthdays.

Title: Connect (1/2 but can stand alone if you like)
Characters: Rikkai. Yagyuu and Niou, Yagyuu's POV. Pairings are lurking. read in as much D1 and SanaYuki as you please. Not quite gen.
Rating: PG for this part. Maybe higher for the rest?
Summary: This fic does not know what it is. It's about the developing relationship between Niou and Yagyuu, and about growing up just a little bit, and about my denial regarding the eventual outcome of PoT tennis. Kind of. You got it -- it's not AU. Except if you count my denial about the nationals.
One more part to come after this. If all goes well it will be posted today. But you know what my track record is like. >_<

I'm really sorry for any errors, this could seriously have been more thoroughly checked over.

'I'm not actually sorry, you know.' )

Part Two


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