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We have seven tills, plus an extra one, which is next to till one and which we basically don't use because it's really inconveniently set up. Yesterday we were so busy we used it. But it doesn't have a number or a call button, so the girl on it was using the till one call button as well.

Customer: ...who is number one?
Liz: Ahaha, uhm, whichever you like... (You are, number six!)

Syl, who phoned me last night ♥, suggests that I'm not actually working for [Well-Known High Street Shop] but on the set of the remake of The Prisoner.

I should also add -- if you remember, in June Nori visited and Pez and I went with her to Berlin, where we found the East Berlin green crossing man (and associated merchandise) to be supremely disturbing and/or hilarious.** Well. What you may not know is that Pez, in her infinite Pezness, also bought cookie-cutters in the shape of the green man and the red man.

The green man cookie-cutter makes supremely disturbing biscuits. It's really sort of beautiful, yet traumatic.

I'll leave photographic evidence of that one up to her. Possibly they shouldn't be shown before watershed.

** They weren't the only slightly bizarre thing we encountered, either.

ETA: Royal Mail delivery on Sunday morning. O_o What is this madness. One would think they were actually trying to get everyone's mail delivered for Christmas! *g*
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Pez came to find me at work and we had lunch together. That was good. Otherwise, today has basically been really surreal.

Liz: *working at till six* *presses the little CASHIER NUMBER SIX PLEASE button*
Customer: Hello, number six.
Liz: (...I'm not a number! I'm a free man!) Er, hello! Would you like a bag!


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