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-- I do not have anything complete to offer for Yukimura's birthday. I am very ashamed of this fact; but instead I am giving you... a teaser? *g*

This fic idea is basically Pez's bastard brain-child which she disowned at birth and left on my metaphorical doorstep with a note instructing me to look after it. It's AU, and it's about Rikkai as the young and wealthy who have too much time on their hands. Improbable as that sounds. I was ordered to write it as my atonement for... past sins, which I cannot divulge at present but which were severe. I have to write less-than-absolutely-serious porn. Apparently then Yukimura might forgive me. I'm not convinced that'll be all it takes, personally.

And of course, some people may consider this a sin in and of itself. :D Pairings are... Niou/Yukimura, Sanada/Yukimura, Yagyuu/Niou, and possibly others. It's called Pleasurewood Hill (also on orders from Pez). It's not the most worksafe thing you will ever see. Really.

800 words of fic here - Niou/Yukimura, Yukimura pervs on Sanada )

-- More things to kill time; the letter game thingy. Get given a letter, list ten things beginning with that letter which you like, other people may request a letter from you. Etc. [ profile] tokyostory gave me N.

N is for )

-- Dexter is on ITV, it seems. ^^
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[ profile] anjenue sent me Dexter (in book form). *_*!!!

Distracted now.

I haven't read a huge amount - about three chapters - but I think I am rather in love with this. (Dexter was the TV series you were saying I would like wasn't it, Sarah? Do you still have it arond?)


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