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This is still one of the best minimal-effort recipes ever. Of course I have to use gluten-free soy sauce and check the bottle of the mirin to make sure it's one of the safe ones, but those are things I have around anyway. I have periods of total ambivalence about food in general, but I'm not sure I'm ever not in the mood for this one...

(Must remember stockpile mirin when I'm next in London, actually -- although I've substituted other alcohols in and added a bit of extra sugar in the past, and it's worked fine. Sake and chinese cooking wine have been successfully deployed, in moments of "well, what DO you have in your cupboard, then?" mid-cooking. This happens more than you might think... *coughs* Slightly different taste, but the overall effect is the same.)

ETA: While I'm on the topic of food, I really must check out (and recommend that those of you inclined to cook also check out) some of these recipes. I totally forgot to watch Anjum Anand's latest season after the first couple of episodes, but I'm prepared to bet most of it is pretty delicious. The plus sides to it being indian food are that: 1) there is ALMOST NO WHEAT FLOUR IN ANYTHING and 2) there's nice-looking vegetarian stuff. Something for everyone except people who hate indian food, and... they're just overly picky, damn it. *g*
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This was tonight's dinner, using turkey stock I made after Christmas and really nice leftover bacon from the same. Pared down version -- no celery, cabbage or parsley, and I honestly don't know why you'd NEED to add salt to something which has so much bacon in so I didn't -- but it's still pretty tasty! :) I used green lentils and did soak them for most of the afternoon beforehand.
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Liz: *makes experimental mince pies*
Pez: *grabs a bit of one fresh out of the oven*
Liz: ...does it taste okay?
Pez: I aant ell it oo ot!
Liz: ...
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Further culinary success was had with this recipe for coconut chicken soup. I played pretty fast&loose with the quantities, and also included some galangal just because I could, and the chicken stock was the stuff I made in bulk last month. It turned out pretty tasty. *_*
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Anjum Anand has a new TV series, which means new recipes showing up on the BBC website! I really like her recipes a whole lot, not least because the vast majority of them are gluten free by nature as well as being really tasty. Tonight we had this and I have the vegetable and rice noodle thing earmarked for another day. (It's one of her previous recipe books that a possibly surprising number of the dishes I cook regularly come from.)

Mmmmmmm. Food.
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Adapt +,1237,RC.html

Managed to acquire xanthan gum this weekend which should help matters.

(Yes, my mistrust of shop-bought gluten free stuff really is that deep. Mercifully M&S mincemeat seems to be gluten free by nature!)
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This weekend's mad experiment seems to be the attempted creation of gluten free christmas pudding.

I think it's probably going to be a fairly cooking-intensive weekend really! I want to make a bulk lot of soup stock and stuff like that. It's totally back to soup season. Maybe if we have roast chicken one day I can make some chicken stock from that as well...


(Stuff like soup I liked to make from scratch when I had the time/space anyway, but with dietary requirements being what they are now it's really the only way to do it! Besides, shop-bought soup just isn't as tasty.)

And Sarah is visiting today! :D :D

...and I'm over half way through Reborn!... shut up, Val (♥). Yes, yes, I'm moderately fond of the Varia (well, okay, mostly Squallo and Xanxus. Even if Squallo is an eejit). Hands up anyone who didn't see it coming.

Still in love with Amber. And Corwin. *coughs*

Going to need yet another trip to the library today. They have in one of the books I reserved (Moab Is My Washpot)... most of the others shouldn't take too long, except for The Book Thief, which has an obscene waiting list. I'm ninth in the reservation queue or something. Maybe I will just buy it, and finances be damned.

(I think I'm trying to trick the library into thinking I belong to it already or something. I will just live there. *mutters*)
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1. My masochism. Let me show you it.

(This is what happens when you angst too much with Lynn about writing. Oh yeah, just imagine what the rest of the many hour long conversation was like.)

2. Today I made chicken stock; I think this finally pushed Tezmobile over the edge and tumbling down into the deep dark waters of chicken-craving madness. Poor thing. Serves her right for the hairball and the use of the rug as a litter-tray and the close call with my lunch.

3. The lack of humidity and the frequent cloud-cover today have both been glorious. I walked to the shops and wasn't dead of heat by the time I got back.

4. Baccano! continues to provide the good stuff. And by 'good' I mean 'totally demented.'
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Unni wanted recipes.

This isn't really super-quick food but a lot of stuff that I cook isn't. This is another recipe from Anjum Anand's Indian Food Made Easy, roughly paraphrased... I rather love this book because only a handful of the main meals in it feature gluten in any way. Actually I rather loved this book even before that became relevant. Pez is probably sick of Indian style food by now. XD And yeah, this is not really how I actually cook these recipes. *sort of uses them as rough guidelines* >>

Food this way )

And more food )
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Mirin-glazed salmon, originally from Nigella Lawson. Several alterations later...

My cooking method: well, there was this recipe, but I replaced this with this other thing and changed the quantities of that and... )


The cat has walked in front of the computer screen and then tried to sit down on the keyboard four times while I've been typing this.

Also, mum, thanks for a lovely weekend and for the clothes and... yeah, it was so nice, thanks. :)


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