Oct. 5th, 2008 08:38 pm
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There still needs to be a Gundam 00/Good Omens crossover where Ali either is War or meets War.

I know I've said this before, but the point stands.

No, I haven't watched the new episode yet -- it's downloading, and I'm rewatching s1 with Pez. Yes I am fidgeting about it like nothing else omg want.
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Currently open on my computer:

- Fic file titled "Illumi" (Illumi left the mansion on a cold, dark day around the death of the year, when the nights came early and huddled in close, clinging late into the mornings and fading away reluctantly to make way for a cool, distant sun. He had not told his mother he was going, because he was not a good son, but he had told his father, because he was a good Zaoldyeck.)

- Fic file titled "space is really big" because I am lame. Err. It's 00 fic. In theory. (He stops believing that he is powerful, and that he can make a difference. Change will not come.)

- Fic file titled "Mystery?" which will just have to remain mystery.

- Fic file titled "Tenpou + archaeology = ???" (Tenpou looked grubby. Grubbier than usual, even.) me I am going mad.
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I wrote Gundam 00 fic last night: A Piece of Sky, Tieria, G. It's written for the weekly fic challenge on the forum of the Mechaphiles fic archive. Now to find the courage to crosspost and all that crap. Eek, new-fandom writing nerves.
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Hallelujah: I think this is a good look for us. Nice and skin-tight. >)
Allelujah: ...a....are you sure? It looks a bit... painted on. :(
Hallelujah: We're wearing it. >)
Allelujah: I don't want to. :(
Hallelujah: We're wearing it unless you want me to shoot puppies. >)
Allelujah: ...o...okay... Can we at least get a bit of a haircut? It's too long at the back. :(
Hallelujah: Think of the puppies. >)
Allelujah: But... but it's itchy... :(
Hallelujah: Puppies. Lots of cute little puppies. >)
Allelujah: :'(
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First: )

To which there is really only one response.

Possibly this is, in fact, the reason he's still alive. I mean, in general.
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1. Gundam 00:

14 episodes in.

All other gundam pilots: *prepare for a mission*
Setsuna: *is half way across the world, wandering into people's bedrooms in the middle of the night to ask cryptic questions and then vanishing again*


I have yet to see any evidence that Setsuna is not, in fact, too stupid to live. I just don't get him. At all. (Of course, his random acts of ???? do make me more sympathetic to Tieria's point of view - it's not that he has PMS so much as that he really is just surrounded by idiots.)

2. Darker Than Black:

I still don't have a clue what's going on but I sure am intrigued. By the concept of Contractors and everything else. (4 episodes in and episode 5 was corrupt so I'm having to re-download. If it doesn't work this time I will mope.)

3. Black Lagoon:

Hot girl with gun. Shootouts. Crime. Speedboats. *sold* (Only seen one episode so far though.)
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Ok, ok. I take it all back. I don't even know who is overcompensating most anymore.

Tieria, or Lockon? )

I guess Tieria has a lot to compensate for...
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Mum: I liked the sky pirates. I thought they were great.
Brother: I think the word you're looking for is fabulous.

Enjoyed the film very much! But did feel the ending was weak compared to the book.

Overall, lots of fun. :)

(It's 11:30. You expected a coherent review? Pfft.)

On an entirely unrelated note, Gundam 00 (no, haven't seen the latest episode, but rewatched the first five for the benefit of my brother):

Things that did not actually happen in the first five episodes of Gundam 00. Or did they? )


I'm... only kind of sorry.



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