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FICS ARE UP YAY. Most of them are quite short which is sort of merciful right now because it means I'll actually get to READ them at some stage rather than having them sit permanently on the to-read list and never getting anywhere with them and then feeling guilty. I looked some of them over before posting and there are some interesting things around, oh yes.

(And my thing of embarrassing badness. Watch the competition between me and Lynn for title of 'worst submission'. XDDDDDD)

Go forth. You Know What To Do. :D
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...woah, they actually have any form of Rikkai merchandise for sale? What is this madness? XD;;

Lynn wrote a Hunter x Hunter ficlet (Killua, Gon). This sort of thing is to be thoroughly encouraged. Everyone should write HxH fic.

I haven't completed fic in a while, or so it feels. But I am 3000 words into classified project no. 1 and once I'm done with that I'll need to bounce straight over to classified project no. 2 if I'm going to meet my deadlines. After that it's a deathmatch between projects 3 and 4. Shoot me. :) Yes. Me and my writing-masochism ARE enjoying this, thanks. Ever so much.
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[ profile] trail_hunter is our shiny new project to try and encourage a bit more life over in HxH fandom! [ profile] readerofasaph and [ profile] lanerose are my co-conspirators. The project is actually so shiny and new there's really nothing there yet, but there will be! Because we need to get people to write, by any means necessary. Please watch if you're interested! *g*
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Currently open on my computer:

- Fic file titled "Illumi" (Illumi left the mansion on a cold, dark day around the death of the year, when the nights came early and huddled in close, clinging late into the mornings and fading away reluctantly to make way for a cool, distant sun. He had not told his mother he was going, because he was not a good son, but he had told his father, because he was a good Zaoldyeck.)

- Fic file titled "space is really big" because I am lame. Err. It's 00 fic. In theory. (He stops believing that he is powerful, and that he can make a difference. Change will not come.)

- Fic file titled "Mystery?" which will just have to remain mystery.

- Fic file titled "Tenpou + archaeology = ???" (Tenpou looked grubby. Grubbier than usual, even.) me I am going mad.
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Tomorrow = do not want. (Four days, four days, four days.)

Today has been excellent. [ profile] kedi_kedi and [ profile] thephoenixboy came over to hang out. We watched Aquarion & HxH.

I really, really hate this neighbourhood. Repeatedly reminded of this by people being dicks. But WE ARE MOVING SO SOON. Can't wait, really. Gonna have to kidnap so many people for weekends or whatever once we're all moved and settled.

Want to write Illumi fic. Might go try to work on that now until I fall asleep.
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The important points:

- Sarah-time on Thursday! I haven't seen Sarah in a very long time, so this is totally welcome news. Sarah, I'd stalk you for more of your time here if I was less broke. I could stalk you for more of your time here (ie Tuesday evening? Oh hell, I forget when you're arriving) if you wanted to do really cheap things. Are other people coming with you, in the end, or is it just you? Also, Pez has work of course but we can see if she wants to be kidnapped in the evening, if she's not too tired or whatever.

- I did not sleep enough.

- I have been knitting. I created a mutated Thing in the interests of relearning how to do the stitches. Maybe next time I'll try making something which actually IS something, rather than a monstrosity which looks as though it's about to leap for my throat. I look on this as honing either my mad cat lady or my mad archaeologist skills. I think deformed knitwear is a requirement for either role.

- I also talked with [ profile] readerofasaph last night (for the first time in quite a while, wow) and have been left with the overwhelming urge to write strange Hunter x Hunter fanfic. And make other people write HxH fanfic. And try to push the fandom to some kind of critical mass where it becomes ALIVE. (Possibly this will involve an Igor and some lightning-rods and a suitably stormy night. Pull the first lever!) There's always the part where I sort of don't feel I should actively involve myself in fandom much right now, though. But then again, there's always backstory to write for Illumi (which is sort of linked in to some Killua stuff) and fic of wrong to write for Hisoka and there must be something to write for Kuroro, damn.

- IF THERE'S A WALL, WE BREAK IT DOWN. Words to live by. *laugh*

- Back to London shortly. Everything you might've wanted me to do over the weekend requiring a fast net connection can probably get done, but you might need to remind me what it was. I took a whole bunch of stuff back to store away here and am now trying to resist the urge to repack my bags with different books, as that'd rather defeat the object of the exercise.

- I've spent all weekend Not Writing. This can't continue indefinitely - I drive myself nuts, apart from anything else - but it was kind of nice. I re-read Saiyuki and considered the merits of thinking of it as a post-apocalyptic setting and decided that it was Good. Watch me be years behind the rest of the fandom. I am sort of bizarrely fond of the idea that just off-stage somewhere there might be big industrial cities, even if they're mostly-ruined, rather less than half functional, poorly understood.

Tea tea tea tea tea I need more tea. Also breakfast, although really it's more like lunch now. And then I need to be a bit more efficient in my packing and head for the station.
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[Most links contain Hisoka's ass/general lack of clothes. I guess it's about as worksafe as it sounds, which is to say not really ever so. :D]

Val asked for proof re: my statement about Hisoka and his enjoyment of being naked.

Move along... )

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372 )

NT13 )

I'm gonna go do some more catching up on the HxH manga now that I've got real internet again. I was just getting to the bits with the Genei Ryodan. Do want.

And then I'm going to write something involving lots of Yukimura.

HxH manga

Nov. 8th, 2007 01:10 pm
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I love the way practically everything Hisoka says finishes with a symbol for one suite of cards or another. ♦ What a wonderfully strange psychopath he is. ♣

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I would really like good fic about Kuroro, Hisoka, Illumi, Killua's family in general... ohgod please don't make me try to spell their name. Gen or slash or whatever. I wonder where it's hiding. (Got to the end of OVA1 last night. KURORO.)

We have the first Hunter x Hunter myu on now. I frankly have no idea what's going on. XD Maybe something that only happened in the manga? Or possibly something totally fucking random. Hell if I know. :D;; (I saw the second myu before I saw the series. It was WHY I saw the series. *eyes Pez* It also induced a lot of gender confusion as they have a bunch of the original voice actors playing the parts on stage and so out of the main characters only Leorio is actually played by a man... *dies*)

No comment on genius 361.
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I'm enjoying this. For all Pez kept telling me the main series was crappy and old (in terms of the way it looks), it's a lot of fun. :D;;;

...I fangirl Hisoka. Is this wrong? Probably. Do I care? Not really. But I like most of the characters. Lots. I do.

Why yes. I do seem to be working my way through anime series everyone else saw years ago. *grin* It's fun.


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