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...also the thought of Hakkai being obsessed with details of anatomy - thinking of movements in terms of the way bones and muscles shift, looking at facial structure as a product of the underlying bones, stuff like that - is playing around in my mind again. Possibly I used it in a story long ago, but I'd have to go back and re-read my old Saiyuki stuff to find out and I'm not sure I have the nerve. But basically, one day there should probably be a story about Hakkai titled The Skull Beneath The Skin or something equally predictable. In it he can really, really obsess over death, as a process. The technical side of things, if you will. I have various other ideas. If you're lucky I will never get around to writing them. Yes, of course I have read the PD James book of the same name. Erm.

Anyway, it's horribly self-inserty, given my profession and area of specialisation and the way it alters my view of the world. Though, I think that's okay if it's also IC for the character in question. Fanfiction is inherently self-indulgent anyway, I suppose, to some degree or other.

A lot of things I write in fandom have various bits of myself in them and I don't think that's a bad thing. Is it?

Curiosity makes me ask: how much of yourself do you think comes through in your stories? What sorts of things? Do you like or dislike adapting things that have happened to you or quirks possessed by you or people around you to fit characters? How much is too much?

And why is the a cat sitting on top of the (computer) mouse?

Some of life's greatest mysteries... (Oh, wait. The answer to that last one is because I refused to feed her so she's pointedly sulking at me. Even though she has eaten, having stolen a quantity of lasagne in the early hours of the morning.)


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