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My [ profile] subrosa_tennis fic was Split Function, as I mentioned before. I also mentioned that I didn't really consider it complete, and would like to write a much-expanded version of it.

So should I:

a) chapter it and post stuff if not as I write it then at least while I am still writing (ie, I might try to keep my writing a chapter or two ahead of what I've actually posted rather than writing then instantly posting), or
b) write the whole thing and post it all at one?

Actually, it'll probably pan out as chapters of around 4,000 words each however I do it. I do have a bad record with completing chaptered fics in a timely manner, it's true, but on the other hand it is going to be quite huge and by the time I've finished the whole thing probably no-one will care any more. XD Also, hm, the final version of this is set to be quite different to the currently posted version; the first five thousand words or maybe a bit more can stand in their present form just fine but after that I start having extra scenes to weave in between existing material and details to adjust to account for the reinclusion of side-plots.

Oh, who do I kid? I'm going to take forever to work on this anyway, and I'm sure I'll ignore all advice when it comes to how to post it really. *headdesks* This is because I am masochistic and do not learn. I am trying to train myself, but. XD; Any thoughts, anyone?

Yes, I'm still sitting over here contemplating sci-fi war epic.

And I have stuff on That AU which I have to stop faffing about and just write, though basically, I keep having issues with how it all fits together. Pez, can we please have stuff like... uhm... a timeline? Some kind of York Notes on the whole thing? I'm giving myself a headache. XDDDDD
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So I'm sure most of you noticed this before me anyway because I was asleep and all that, but [ profile] switching_it_up has begun posting and there is amazing fanart. I think I know who's responsible and I'm seriously itching to ask omg. *sits on hands*

So I know I only wrote D1 sci-fi AU a little while ago *eyes subrosa fic still in need of rewokring* but can I write D1 (/Rikkai) sci-fi war epic now? Can I can I can I?
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So, yes, I did write Split Function (Niou-centric sci-fi AU in the setting of Altered Carbon, featuring all of Rikkai to some degree or other, probably lurking somewhere in the PG/PG-13 range) for [ profile] subrosa_tennis. I'm not planning on reposting it to my fic journal right now because, well, really incomplete. Embarrassingly so, in fact. >>;;; It's on the list for reworking and expanding upon; it's not just that it doesn't end properly, it's also that I cut out a whole chunk of the planned cast and several substantial subplots on my way to getting it done, you know, this year instead of some time in 2010. The bloody thing really wanted to be a novel. Anyway, it's over there as it stands, and one day a better version might make itself known.

Also, I are guessable. Yup. *laughs*
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On an entirely different note, Subrosa fics are posted. I know several of you know what I wrote, because I am totally indiscreet, but the rest of you should go and see how glaringly obvious or otherwise you think I am being. And laugh at me, or not, as you deem appropriate. XD

Now to spend the next several weeks sitting on my hands.

(I owe so many people fic already that I refuse to run a private guessing post with fic-rewards. Sry. XD)
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Why have I not finished Subrosa yet.

Well, I know what this weekend is dedicated to.

At least over the course of the last few days I've developed a more solid idea of where I'm going with D1 exchange, and have a bunch of scenes sitting in my head being all awesome at me. Now I just have to hope that they a) hang around long enough for me to give them the attention they deserve and b) prove to be translatable from mental image to text, which is a problem I never ever used to have but have been struggling with more and more over the last year. I think this is probably because I'm thinking much harder about it. How hard is too hard? Niou, don't answer that.

General rambling about fic-writing. I think I've been writing Better Fic this year than the year before, and that I wrote better fic that year than in my first year in fandom. One of the nice things fandom has done for me* is allow me to feel myself improving. I wrote a lot before I was in fandom, but without so much of the same sense of progress, probably because it just got written and then vanished and no-one ever saw any of it except my high school English teacher, who was just amazed that one of his students could sort of construct a sentence. It was that kind of school; you were doing well if you used the correct word four times in five, and even better if you knew how to spell it. Anyway, it's not so much that I think people have given me amazingly helpful feedback because (apart from [ profile] readerofasaph when I was entirely new to fandom and no-one was talking to me) this is mostly not the case. But all the same; it's out there. It's a lot easier to look back at and talk about at people (which I'm often guilty of, with horrible self-indulgence -- usually those who don't run away fast enough, like [ profile] crystalusagi, get most of it) and consider critically. Not least because I don't write it all in notebooks which then get lost in the depths of drawers never to be seen again...

Anyway. I can feel myself improving and see that I'm doing things better than I used to and like Lynn says, I AM still improving. But it's nice to see that I've come a fair way already since I wandered into a fandom I knew nothing at all about and started writing epic AU fic which I actually never intended to be epic in the first place. (You know, I cannot read that story. But I do like that it's there.)

* and honestly, there are quite a lot of things fandom has done for me that I'm NOT so happy about, like making me forget how to write original characters.

Oh my god, why am I trying to make sense. It's early(ish) and I have a cat balancing on the back of my chair wobbling threateningly at me and I don't have any tea and this is all just procrastination about my subrosa fic anyway when we get right down to it. And I think I need painkillers and a hot water bottle, unless my body is still messing me around. X_x
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...woah, they actually have any form of Rikkai merchandise for sale? What is this madness? XD;;

Lynn wrote a Hunter x Hunter ficlet (Killua, Gon). This sort of thing is to be thoroughly encouraged. Everyone should write HxH fic.

I haven't completed fic in a while, or so it feels. But I am 3000 words into classified project no. 1 and once I'm done with that I'll need to bounce straight over to classified project no. 2 if I'm going to meet my deadlines. After that it's a deathmatch between projects 3 and 4. Shoot me. :) Yes. Me and my writing-masochism ARE enjoying this, thanks. Ever so much.
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1. I LOL'd. *sheepish*

2. Yagyuu/Yukimura. Discuss.
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At risk of tedium, because really we all know I'm hideously biased about fic and my recommendations (and dislikes for that matter) should be taken with a mound of salt, here is a fic I really enjoyed by [ profile] yuki_scorpio. It is Yagyuu/Niou. It is incredibly AU. It has a bit of sex. It has character death and stuff.

I could talk about it a whole bunch only I'm not entirely sure how Pez would feel about that. *g* I did have some reservations about it, and do, but even so. I think it's a wonderfully told story and my disbelief has been thoroughly suspended, which I have to admit happens pretty rarely with fanfic. I also just couldn't stop reading, even on the second and third goes through... I am recommending this one really strongly on grounds of story. Narrative. That stuff.

(It reminds me of something but, appropriately enough, I can't bloody remember what.)
firstlight: (D1 - hump!) About writing porn, actually. And why I'm sort of bad at it in isolation. Okay, really damn bad. Seriously. *uses appropriate/inappropriate icon*

Beware chat logs )

(You may have noticed I'm leaving more and more stuff unlocked. It's an experiment. I'm sure paranoia will take hold again soon, don't worry.)
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1. Idol DVDs can do terrible things to a person.

[ profile] solaas: I so didn't need the image of dragmasa and gay hairdresser gaku together
[ profile] solaas: TOGETHER THEY FIGHT CRIME

2. Black Lagoon fic. Why isn't there more of it? I fear I'm going to have to write some more soon. Though I still have no idea how to actually get Revy and Rock together. Idiots. (And then there's Balalaika and Chang. As a rule I don't really grasp the concept of hatesex, but I can make an exception.)

Mind you, I don't even dare actually crosspost what I already wrote. Hm.
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Mmm. Someone left a comment on my first Tenipuri fanfic last night, and it left me feeling oddly warm and fuzzy. That story is just a few months shy of three years old, and the writing is all over the place, and I hadn't really figured out the characters that well at the time, but it feels pretty special to me. (I kind of feel the same about my first Saiyuki fanfic, only I never finished that, and it's doomed to obscurity because I never dared crosspost it in part, though it still lurks around on my fic comm. It has equally patchy writing and I think the characters hadn't established themselves strongly in my mind, but I sort of love it anyway. It is another of my deformed offspring. >>) Going back to look at the fic when I got that comment gave me a sort of nostalgia...

Apart from anything else, I miss daring to just write things, without worrying about whether it'd be difficult or whatever other excuses I manage to come up with for not working on projects these days.

Yes, Pez, I know. Tarundoru.
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1. The Dark Knight was pretty damn awesome.

2. It's too hot to think. Airconditioning! Or at least houses built to deal with hot weather! These things are needed.

3. I have Blank Document Syndrome, possibly as a result of 2.

4. Syl has given me a comic to try and read in French. Probably not right now though. Also see 2.

5. I have no spatial awareness right now. (...see 2?)

6. Potential meetup is cause for happiness (London Tenipuri people see comments on previous entry). Fannish activities this weekend kept me from pining for SqueeFest also, though it would've been great if I'd got to go. (Nothing to do with 2 at all. Phew.)

7. Saiyuki makes me wish I had money. Salty Dog 5 looks gorgeous.
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...Yukimura, what are you doing in Baccano!?
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Reveals are up on [ profile] rikkai_exchange! It's totally done, wrapped up, posts have been edited to include author's names, etc. And I'm so relieved.

Reveal time having arrived means I can own up to the fact that I wrote Moments of Grace (Sanada/Yukimura, Niou/Yukimura, NC-17), though I think everyone who actually read it and some people who didn't probably figured that one out anyway.

A few comments on my fic and stuff )

Things I especially enjoyed from this round, by the way, include... )

I promise there's plenty of stuff I didn't mention here which is worth reading or staring at! :)

Incidentally, on a quick count-up, it seems as though Yagyuu and Niou pretty much ruled the exchange between them -- just counting stories/art where they were the main characters they accounted for almost half the submissions this time around. Last year Yanagi/Kirihara was second most popular but this year it's pretty much gone, and Sanada/Yukimura/Yanagi (which was somewhere around the same popularity as Yanagi/Kirihara) has more or less vanished too. Everything else is sort of ambling along at about the same levels. *laugh* A bit less AU.

And we're done.

Thank you all. *__*
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thoughts on Rikkai's reading habits from Val. Also, we have decided that Yagyuu adores Dumas. YOU KNOW IT WORKS. Why does this keep coming back to French authors, though...? Anyway, Yagyuu has a bit of an odd flare for drama hidden somewhere in there (see: posing) and I think extended exposure to The Three Musketeers etc. might explain a lot of it. Look, I don't know why this book thing Just Keeps Going, but it DOES. So you'll have to keep dealing with it.

I could always extend it to other fandoms if you're feeling left out. *innocent smile* (Although of course Gojyo only reads dirty magazines unless Hakkai has been forcing Literature on him, Hakkai reads all sorts of classic lit for fiction and all sorts of creepy shit for non-fiction, Sanzo reads the news and probably doens't even believe in fiction at all, and Goku looks at the pictures. So that one's a lot easier. Unless everyone actually totally disagrees with that assessment or there is canon I have missed. BUT YOU KNOW. :D

...Hakkai reads a book. Gojyo peers over his shoulder and makes out the headings: burying the body -- burning the body -- destroying the body -- eating the body...*

What kind of fucked up shit is this?

It's a book on archaeology and the diversity of burial practices, Gojyo. I'm sure I don't know what you were thinking...)

* A book with such headings does exist. It's on my bookshelf. I'm so sorry. Only... not really.

Also also

Jun. 17th, 2008 11:54 am
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I apologise for the number of random short updates!

But I've also restarted [ profile] tenipuri_time this week, now that the guests are gone and all that stuff (waah). Go play. Tell your friends. Whatever. (Pez and Nori demanded that it keep going, so here we go. *laugh*)
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posting has now begun on [ profile] rikkai_exchange. Go forth and explore! There'll be one story or piece of art posted a day for the next three weeks or so.

(Meant to post about this last night but was distracted by the destruction of my childhood. Thanks, Japan.)
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I hit post on my entry and instead LJ ate it. It is not giving it back. Bastard.

Anyway, I had lots of stuff planned for today but 'cause the health centre is only open mornings I had to get bloodtests done first and now I'm woozy. Oops. Doing some serious sitting down and drinking of tea, etc. That's the blood test for coeliac disease out of the way, in any case; I've lost track of how many tubes of blood have been taken from me in the last year but I'm fairly sure it must be in double figures by now. Also, my arm hurts like a bitch. Just thought you might like to know.

And now some fic snippets while I recover myself, because I promised.


1. Niou and Yukimura:

Ambition )


2. Rikkai IN SPACE, or something:

Adventures on Okinawa )


3. And another bit of Damage Done:

Yukimura's idea of a test... )
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Some bits of writing. I did these after poking from Anj on various occasions, mostly as timed challenge things... not always posting the whole things, just snipping out little bits and pieces. But yeah, I never shared any of this with anyone but Anj before. Here. Have some stuff.

1. Original fic snippet - searchlights on Oxford Street )

2. D1 AU - supernatural? just slightly strange? Dunno. Written to 'Drifter' by Siouxsie & the Banshees )

3. D1 futurefic bit )

4. Gojyo thinks about families and Hakkai )

And I have another Saiyuki one, which is a bit longer, but I've decided I should try to finish that one off and make it into some kind of coherent story. More on that another day.


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