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Hmm )

Watched the first LoGH movie today (because however much I'd like to I don't feel I've got time to start on the actual series right now) -- really rather enjoyed it, although Yang is possibly the only character I feel like I've got much of a grasp of from it. *laughs* Heavy on the Epic Space Battles With Epic Dramatic Music, which is totally not a bad thing. I'll keep poking at bits and pieces of LoGH as and when I have the time and brain, I reckon.

I am so far behind on 00 that it's just not funny. I really must catch up; it's a stupid series but it's fun-stupid. And I have stuff to write and keep getting put off by not being up to date.


Nov. 14th, 2008 08:21 pm
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Allow me to add to the chorus of O_O;;;; WHAT????

*does not have words*

I shall dub this... )

Unrelatedly, Crystal, I am getting there with the fic. Sorry it's taking so long, I've got a headache and a DS today. ETA: Done, going to be semi- to totally unconscious now, sorry if it's not the most high-quality beta ever.
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- Really getting sick now. Send D1 Hibari fic D1 food Mukuro D1 lemsip D1 help. *being MISERABLE and PATHETIC and SNUFFLING AT EVERYONE because this is totally the END OF THE WORLD* XDDDDDDDD

- Your daily KHR status check. 10 Years Later. I've met Byakuran but for all of two pages so you don't get views on him yet. Character preferences are wavering around the place. I like Hibari and Mukuro best by a considerable margin. I like Squallo and Xanxus to an extent. I have a really odd fondness for Yamamoto that I totally did not see coming at all. Dino is somewhere pretty high up there too but I anticipated that somewhat more than, yanno, Yamamoto. I'm really really glad KHR is so pointless and brainless because oh my god I do not have two braincells to rub together. At some point I stopped being actively freaked out by the babies but I'm not sure I can say much more than that; possibly my last solitary braincell shut down in self-defence and left me unable to feel fear.

I'm torn on this series because I can't claim that I think it's awesome quality so I can't recommend it to people or encourage them particularly in reading it, BUT I am bizarrely addicted despite myself and that does kind of lead to the urge to share my suffering.

So sad.

I'll just babble at Val about it and she can mock me lovingly and then babble at me about her Sparkly Gay Germans In Space or whatever. I'd babble at everyone only she's... less likely to get fed up and murder me, or so my survival instinct is telling me.

If you feel like suffering terrible yet addictive shonen manga which I can only really pimp on the strength of a few characters I'm fond of despite myself, please do join me!, I are good at sales.

- Still infuriated that something like suet (which, since non-UK people seem unfamiliar with this, is basically just a type of beef fat) is so difficult to find without wheat flour mixed in. We can order it from online shops but they appear to tend towards having quite high minimum order values and uh... ;; (But I want to make a christmas pudding I can eat! wasn't even that important to me at all, but Pez suggested it, and now that we've been thwarted my stubbornness has kicked in and is demanding JUSTICE. AND PUDDING FOR ALL. MEANING ME. Yes, I could almost certainly just buy a pre-made coeliac-friendly christmas pudding. That is entirely not the point. It has become a matter of Principle. *rueful*)

- I... I know I had something else to say. It's escaped. I give up. Probably something to do with further adventures exploring Colchester (we had them). *collapses*
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This weekend's mad experiment seems to be the attempted creation of gluten free christmas pudding.

I think it's probably going to be a fairly cooking-intensive weekend really! I want to make a bulk lot of soup stock and stuff like that. It's totally back to soup season. Maybe if we have roast chicken one day I can make some chicken stock from that as well...


(Stuff like soup I liked to make from scratch when I had the time/space anyway, but with dietary requirements being what they are now it's really the only way to do it! Besides, shop-bought soup just isn't as tasty.)

And Sarah is visiting today! :D :D

...and I'm over half way through Reborn!... shut up, Val (♥). Yes, yes, I'm moderately fond of the Varia (well, okay, mostly Squallo and Xanxus. Even if Squallo is an eejit). Hands up anyone who didn't see it coming.

Still in love with Amber. And Corwin. *coughs*

Going to need yet another trip to the library today. They have in one of the books I reserved (Moab Is My Washpot)... most of the others shouldn't take too long, except for The Book Thief, which has an obscene waiting list. I'm ninth in the reservation queue or something. Maybe I will just buy it, and finances be damned.

(I think I'm trying to trick the library into thinking I belong to it already or something. I will just live there. *mutters*)


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