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So I'm sure most of you noticed this before me anyway because I was asleep and all that, but [ profile] switching_it_up has begun posting and there is amazing fanart. I think I know who's responsible and I'm seriously itching to ask omg. *sits on hands*

So I know I only wrote D1 sci-fi AU a little while ago *eyes subrosa fic still in need of rewokring* but can I write D1 (/Rikkai) sci-fi war epic now? Can I can I can I?
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...woah, they actually have any form of Rikkai merchandise for sale? What is this madness? XD;;

Lynn wrote a Hunter x Hunter ficlet (Killua, Gon). This sort of thing is to be thoroughly encouraged. Everyone should write HxH fic.

I haven't completed fic in a while, or so it feels. But I am 3000 words into classified project no. 1 and once I'm done with that I'll need to bounce straight over to classified project no. 2 if I'm going to meet my deadlines. After that it's a deathmatch between projects 3 and 4. Shoot me. :) Yes. Me and my writing-masochism ARE enjoying this, thanks. Ever so much.
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At risk of tedium, because really we all know I'm hideously biased about fic and my recommendations (and dislikes for that matter) should be taken with a mound of salt, here is a fic I really enjoyed by [ profile] yuki_scorpio. It is Yagyuu/Niou. It is incredibly AU. It has a bit of sex. It has character death and stuff.

I could talk about it a whole bunch only I'm not entirely sure how Pez would feel about that. *g* I did have some reservations about it, and do, but even so. I think it's a wonderfully told story and my disbelief has been thoroughly suspended, which I have to admit happens pretty rarely with fanfic. I also just couldn't stop reading, even on the second and third goes through... I am recommending this one really strongly on grounds of story. Narrative. That stuff.

(It reminds me of something but, appropriately enough, I can't bloody remember what.)
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Reveals are up on [ profile] rikkai_exchange! It's totally done, wrapped up, posts have been edited to include author's names, etc. And I'm so relieved.

Reveal time having arrived means I can own up to the fact that I wrote Moments of Grace (Sanada/Yukimura, Niou/Yukimura, NC-17), though I think everyone who actually read it and some people who didn't probably figured that one out anyway.

A few comments on my fic and stuff )

Things I especially enjoyed from this round, by the way, include... )

I promise there's plenty of stuff I didn't mention here which is worth reading or staring at! :)

Incidentally, on a quick count-up, it seems as though Yagyuu and Niou pretty much ruled the exchange between them -- just counting stories/art where they were the main characters they accounted for almost half the submissions this time around. Last year Yanagi/Kirihara was second most popular but this year it's pretty much gone, and Sanada/Yukimura/Yanagi (which was somewhere around the same popularity as Yanagi/Kirihara) has more or less vanished too. Everything else is sort of ambling along at about the same levels. *laugh* A bit less AU.

And we're done.

Thank you all. *__*
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It's been a long, long time since I read so much fanfic as I have been this week. This is all [ profile] saiyuki_time's fault. I've become really picky with fic, to be honest, and I can probably be overly harsh... flaws tend to overshadow good points pretty badly for me. But I'm trying to be a little less demanding.

And I've been enjoying myself over in Saiyuki fandom as a result. Yay. :D

Of course, the amount of interesting fic produced for the opening [ profile] saiyuki_time challenges has helped a lot. I hope it keeps going like this, it's kind of incredible.

Crystal wanted to know what I'd liked from it. Have a list. It's totally possible I've missed good stuff, there's been so much posted. :D :D :D

My favourite bits:

Challenge #1: First Time

Unexpected by [ profile] a_mael. Gojyo. Worksafe.

Everything in Time by [ profile] devikun. Gojyo, Jien. R.

A Long Line of Firsts by [ profile] lillypuff. Tenpou. PG.

Rites of Passage by [ profile] crystalusagi. Hakkai/Gojyo. PG.

First Course by [ profile] thewriter0. Hakkai, Gojyo. Worksafe.

No Lullaby by [ profile] smillaraaq. Gojyo. PG-13.

Disjunction by [ profile] avierra. Gojyo. PG-16.

First Night Out by [ profile] tochira. Sanzo-ikkou. Worksafe.

Lucid Dreams by [ profile] athena8. Hazel. PG.

First Time by [ profile] andmydog. Hakkai/Gojyo. Worksafe.

Bonus challenge: Rebirth

Concentric by [ profile] a_mael. Sanzo-ikkou. Worksafe.

The Creator by [ profile] louiselux. Nii. Worksafe.

Slow Burn by [ profile] emungere. Koumyou. Worksafe.

The River Flows On by [ profile] rroselavy. Koumyou, Kouryuu. Worksafe.

To Sleep by [ profile] acantabloom. Kougaiji. Worksafe.
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I woke up before six this morning, but at least I've spent some of that time happily reading stuff posted on [ profile] saiyuki_time. There's some really nice bits and pieces over there; I do recommend checking it out if you're interested in Saiyuki and haven't been reading stuff there.

Particularly recommended are-

Everything in Time by [ profile] devikun (Gojyo and Jien, R)

The Creator by [ profile] louiselux (Nii, remarkably worksafe considering that it's.. well.. Nii.)

Slow Burn by [ profile] emungere (Koumyou, worksafe.)

And there are others that're well worth a read around the place too. :)

For myself, I'll take a shot at the challenges some time in the next couple of days, whenever things hit a bit of a lull.


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