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Soundtrack blather )


Pez has the tracklist up in romanji with rough translation. Title of Higa song = The assassins from the southern island. HIGA HITMEN FIC NOW PLZ. DO WANT. (I know I was trying to write such a thing but argh, I'm getting hopelessly buried under WIPs at the moment and not finishing any of them. Maybe one day!)
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Soooo. Rikkaimyu 2nd Service.

Thoughts in general. )

S3 )

S2 )

S1 )

Higa )

And some more general thoughts )

My last attempt at a writeup was very sleepdeprived, but for slightly more of what actually happened and slightly less of me rambling about my feelings on the matter, it's over here.
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What other people thought: comments from Solaas and comments from elyndys, both from seeing the same performance I did; genkischuldich's comments from a different performance.

I need to tidy my own semi-comatose ramblings on the subject up before I even think about cross-posting. *laughs*
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SO too tired to do a proper report right now.

However... have some incoherent and incomplete rambling )

I shall go off to sleep for a very long time now. I hope. We're off to Kyoto tomorrow.

(Oh, and the photosets are reeeeeally nice. As are the special gifts for buying the whole set. I am actually buying full sets this time for both Rikkai and Rokkaku+Higa as a result... damn. Foiled again by merchandising. *laughs*)
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5/8: I am no longer accepting orders. Sorry!

I'll be going to a couple of performances of Rikkaimyu (Absolute King Rikkai: 2nd Service) in August, and will be able to buy photosets for people who want it. As the tickets I have are rather on the expensive side I'm kind of doing this to recover a bit of money and help fund my habit.

I'm selling photosets for $12 per set, including postage worldwide.

Each set contains four photos and buying all the sets for a school usually gets you a bonus gift; in the past it's been things like postcards or sticker-sets, but I don't know what it will be this time (but if you order the whole set, you'll get whatever bonus there is). I also don't entirely know how buying an entire set for, say, Higa will work as there's only two characters from that school - no information I can find about this is up on the MMV website yet. The MMV website has just been updated to include a merchandise list and the bonus gift is rendered by babelfish as a "memo pad". There's one for buying all of Seigaku's sets, one for buying all of Rikkai's, and one for buying both Rokkaku and Higa's sets together. To find the merch list go to the tenimyu website and click on Q&A.

The characters in this myu are:

List )

Pamphlets I am selling for $25 each, also including worldwide postage.

I can only accept payment by PayPal at the moment (even from the UK) as I'm already in Japan.

How to order
Comment with what you want and your PayPal address I'll send you an invoice and reply to your comment to confirm the order.

- If for any reason I can't get any goods ordered, a full refund will be given.

- Goods will be shipped from the UK, from the 16th of August onwards. How long it takes to get everything sent will depend on how much stuff I have to organise. I'll let you know when things have been shipped and depending on where you are in the world you can expect a few days to a week for goods to arrive.

(I'm not cross-posting this entry anywhere but anyone who stumbles across it is welcome to order, regardless of whether you're on my friendslist or not. If you think other people might want help ordering photosets you're also welcome to point them here. I'm just not posting it to the tenimyu community, for example, because I don't know if I can deal with the number of orders [profile] yuki_scorpio got when she did that for Rikkaimyu 1st Service.)
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As I said, don't have a scanner, but Pez was curious so I've got a small number of photos of the book which came out sort of ok - but the quality still isn't great. I kind of... uh... lost patience, I'm afraid. Flash is the enemy, and we're staying in a not-terribly-well-lit room.

Masa is sometimes cute, and sometimes terrifying. )

That last page? Yeah. It was the page that did not want to be photographed. There's probably a good reason.
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...are you kidding me?

Rikkai + Rokkaku + Higa in one myu?? (Well, Kite and Chinen, anyway.)

With a Kite who grew up in the US??? XD

*eyes the multiplying ?s warily*

Yes. We are getting tickets. (Not that we weren't getting tickets anyway, but... 8D)

Incidentally, on a tenuously Higa-related note, I think we're also going to Okinawa this summer. ([ profile] elyndys and I, in the week before [ profile] solaas arrives.) I kind of want to take the boat out there because I'm a freak about boats though it's a pretty long haul from the mainland. But one way or another we're going to try and go. :D
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(I can be coherent, I swear. But I don't feel like it.)


I must write SanaYuki. I must write SanaYuki or I will explode. That happens to me sometimes.

But I still need ideas. Do you have ideas? *dies*

(And yeah, as Pez mentioned, don't really have permission to redistribute the file, so... >_> I'm sorryyyyyyyy. But. Hopefully it will make its way out onto the internet at large soon!!! *__*)

[edit] Pez has a screencap of Yukimura and Sanada which.... well... XD (Well, that certainly didn't happen when we saw it. XD;;)
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DL4! :D! (Spoilers, obviously. Rikkai bias, too, which I appreciate greatly. ;D )

Hmm, must be Rikkaimyu DVD time, too? Want.

I am happy that people are writing fic based off 339. Mmm. This is a good week to be a Rikkai fangirl, apparently. :)

I know I was going to say something else, too, but it seems to have slipped my mind entirely. It probably wasn't important. (She says, dooming herself to have forgotten something entirely critical.)

Nothing else is interesting. Dissertation continues. I think I am going to have nightmares about gazelle, but the less said about that the better.
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[edit] [ profile] reposoir? O.o


Oh, make it be tomorrow already. And make it stop raining. This isn't even proper winter rain, it's just pathetic.

Anyway. Huge Rikkaimyu Post Of Doom time.

I can't honestly remember exactly what I said last time so there'll probably be some repetition. Let's just go through this in some kind of order and see what we end up with. Spoilers pretty much throughout, of course. Trying to order what I've already said a little better and include things from the other two performances we saw.

thoughts on Rikkai, character by character )

Slightly expanded thoughts on Seigaku, but still a bit on the brief side )

Last but by no means least, Rokkaku! :D )

....okay, that's the schools. I meant to say more about general stuff but I didn't expect that bit to turn out so damn epic! :| (I've been writing this update since *checks* 3pm. It is now 6:30. Though admittedly I do keep getting distracted by talking to people.) I can't honestly remember what else I was going to say now, either, though I know there was other stuff... okay, just quickly:

Songs )

And while I could get into a lot more detail than that I think it might kill me, so there I stop.

Rikkaimyu. There you have it.

Waiting for the DVD impatiently...
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General holiday update will happen later. For now...

This morning, [ profile] yuki_scorpio and I went to see Rikkaimyu.

Here is the short, unspoilery, entirely incoherent version: OMG IT IS THE MOST AWESOME THING EVER AND AND OMG AM A HAPPY D1 FANGIRL AND AND AND SANAYUKI TOO AND RIKKAI ARE AWESOME AND ROKKAKU ARE FUNNY AND I LOVE THEM ALL. And I don`t miss Hyoutei. Not even slightly.

Can I go see it again yet? (We have tickets to go and see the final Tokyo performance on Christmas day. But that means an entire day before I next see it. :O And then I have to survive until the DVD comes out. Which is whole months away...)

The longer, more coherent version... well... I think it`ll take me a while to recover enough to actually be fully coherent, to be honest. The fact that I am in Tokyo, having just seen Rikkaimyu, seems utterly unreal. But here, some thoughts... cut for spoilers )

God, I love Rikkai.

And D1.

And, lately, Rokkaku.

[ profile] solaas, the Rokkaku photosets are going to kill you. Dead. *bought Dabide's for herself and is... decidedly content with it*

*leaves post public just for kicks*
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Quality sucks, of course. But here. Today I am bored but also braindead (thus precluding writing fic - it took me two and a half hours to write a tag this morning, and it wasn't even a long tag) and the photoset images derailed what thought processes were going on in my mind. So.

icon-sized images )

Uploaded the original images over here for Pez because she was having trouble seeing them on yahoo!Japan. But yeah. I actually really want to buy some of these. Niou's, mostly. *__* Didn't manage to make anything even half-decent out of Yukimura's or Jackal's photosets from just those little images. A couple of the images of Yukimura's actor look rather wonderful, though. (He still looks a bit odd in costume, I think. Same for the guy playing Kirihara, actually - looks better out of costume.) edit: Some of Yukimura after all. >)

...4 days? I think. My brain isn't working so I probably can't count.


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