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I wrote two pinch hits for [ profile] saltydogstories, and since reveals are up I can own up and think about what I have done. *g*

1. That Was The River, Hakkai/Gojyo, PG-13 -- post-journey fic.

2. Chasing Ripples, Tenpou/Kenren, R -- the beginnings of change.

Yes. Enjoy? :)

Re: Gaiden

Sep. 19th, 2008 02:41 pm
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Minekura I love you, you sadistic, evil woman. ♥

Also, my god, that is a pretty cover even as Saiyuki goes.
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Currently open on my computer:

- Fic file titled "Illumi" (Illumi left the mansion on a cold, dark day around the death of the year, when the nights came early and huddled in close, clinging late into the mornings and fading away reluctantly to make way for a cool, distant sun. He had not told his mother he was going, because he was not a good son, but he had told his father, because he was a good Zaoldyeck.)

- Fic file titled "space is really big" because I am lame. Err. It's 00 fic. In theory. (He stops believing that he is powerful, and that he can make a difference. Change will not come.)

- Fic file titled "Mystery?" which will just have to remain mystery.

- Fic file titled "Tenpou + archaeology = ???" (Tenpou looked grubby. Grubbier than usual, even.) me I am going mad.
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Mmm. Someone left a comment on my first Tenipuri fanfic last night, and it left me feeling oddly warm and fuzzy. That story is just a few months shy of three years old, and the writing is all over the place, and I hadn't really figured out the characters that well at the time, but it feels pretty special to me. (I kind of feel the same about my first Saiyuki fanfic, only I never finished that, and it's doomed to obscurity because I never dared crosspost it in part, though it still lurks around on my fic comm. It has equally patchy writing and I think the characters hadn't established themselves strongly in my mind, but I sort of love it anyway. It is another of my deformed offspring. >>) Going back to look at the fic when I got that comment gave me a sort of nostalgia...

Apart from anything else, I miss daring to just write things, without worrying about whether it'd be difficult or whatever other excuses I manage to come up with for not working on projects these days.

Yes, Pez, I know. Tarundoru.
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1. The Dark Knight was pretty damn awesome.

2. It's too hot to think. Airconditioning! Or at least houses built to deal with hot weather! These things are needed.

3. I have Blank Document Syndrome, possibly as a result of 2.

4. Syl has given me a comic to try and read in French. Probably not right now though. Also see 2.

5. I have no spatial awareness right now. (...see 2?)

6. Potential meetup is cause for happiness (London Tenipuri people see comments on previous entry). Fannish activities this weekend kept me from pining for SqueeFest also, though it would've been great if I'd got to go. (Nothing to do with 2 at all. Phew.)

7. Saiyuki makes me wish I had money. Salty Dog 5 looks gorgeous.
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thoughts on Rikkai's reading habits from Val. Also, we have decided that Yagyuu adores Dumas. YOU KNOW IT WORKS. Why does this keep coming back to French authors, though...? Anyway, Yagyuu has a bit of an odd flare for drama hidden somewhere in there (see: posing) and I think extended exposure to The Three Musketeers etc. might explain a lot of it. Look, I don't know why this book thing Just Keeps Going, but it DOES. So you'll have to keep dealing with it.

I could always extend it to other fandoms if you're feeling left out. *innocent smile* (Although of course Gojyo only reads dirty magazines unless Hakkai has been forcing Literature on him, Hakkai reads all sorts of classic lit for fiction and all sorts of creepy shit for non-fiction, Sanzo reads the news and probably doens't even believe in fiction at all, and Goku looks at the pictures. So that one's a lot easier. Unless everyone actually totally disagrees with that assessment or there is canon I have missed. BUT YOU KNOW. :D

...Hakkai reads a book. Gojyo peers over his shoulder and makes out the headings: burying the body -- burning the body -- destroying the body -- eating the body...*

What kind of fucked up shit is this?

It's a book on archaeology and the diversity of burial practices, Gojyo. I'm sure I don't know what you were thinking...)

* A book with such headings does exist. It's on my bookshelf. I'm so sorry. Only... not really.
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The important points:

- Sarah-time on Thursday! I haven't seen Sarah in a very long time, so this is totally welcome news. Sarah, I'd stalk you for more of your time here if I was less broke. I could stalk you for more of your time here (ie Tuesday evening? Oh hell, I forget when you're arriving) if you wanted to do really cheap things. Are other people coming with you, in the end, or is it just you? Also, Pez has work of course but we can see if she wants to be kidnapped in the evening, if she's not too tired or whatever.

- I did not sleep enough.

- I have been knitting. I created a mutated Thing in the interests of relearning how to do the stitches. Maybe next time I'll try making something which actually IS something, rather than a monstrosity which looks as though it's about to leap for my throat. I look on this as honing either my mad cat lady or my mad archaeologist skills. I think deformed knitwear is a requirement for either role.

- I also talked with [ profile] readerofasaph last night (for the first time in quite a while, wow) and have been left with the overwhelming urge to write strange Hunter x Hunter fanfic. And make other people write HxH fanfic. And try to push the fandom to some kind of critical mass where it becomes ALIVE. (Possibly this will involve an Igor and some lightning-rods and a suitably stormy night. Pull the first lever!) There's always the part where I sort of don't feel I should actively involve myself in fandom much right now, though. But then again, there's always backstory to write for Illumi (which is sort of linked in to some Killua stuff) and fic of wrong to write for Hisoka and there must be something to write for Kuroro, damn.

- IF THERE'S A WALL, WE BREAK IT DOWN. Words to live by. *laugh*

- Back to London shortly. Everything you might've wanted me to do over the weekend requiring a fast net connection can probably get done, but you might need to remind me what it was. I took a whole bunch of stuff back to store away here and am now trying to resist the urge to repack my bags with different books, as that'd rather defeat the object of the exercise.

- I've spent all weekend Not Writing. This can't continue indefinitely - I drive myself nuts, apart from anything else - but it was kind of nice. I re-read Saiyuki and considered the merits of thinking of it as a post-apocalyptic setting and decided that it was Good. Watch me be years behind the rest of the fandom. I am sort of bizarrely fond of the idea that just off-stage somewhere there might be big industrial cities, even if they're mostly-ruined, rather less than half functional, poorly understood.

Tea tea tea tea tea I need more tea. Also breakfast, although really it's more like lunch now. And then I need to be a bit more efficient in my packing and head for the station.
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So here is the question, which I mentioned in a locked post earlier, but just throwing the whole thing out there--

If I arranged a Saiyuki meetup in London, who would be interested in coming? It'd be one day, show up for as much or as little time as you like, very informal. Either a Saturday or a Sunday. If the weather is good I'd advocate a lot of sitting around in parks and chatting. If it's not so good, a lot of finding nice indoor space to sit around and chat in. I'd just like to meet some of you in person/meet you again, and get to know you all a little better! I am also pretty flexible on dates, so that's totally open to negotiation; a weekend in the earlier part of the summer.

I'm happy if just a couple of people want to wander down, but if more want to show up that's awesome too (and if you're interested in coming and have UK-based friends who're Saiyuki fans then they're welcome as well). I think I don't have that many UK-based Saiyuki fans on my flist, so on that basis it's likely to be a pretty small thing, but if there are tons of others lurking around the place... just give fair warning? *laugh*

(This is just me poking around tentatively to see if there's any interest. Details can be played with later.)
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...also the thought of Hakkai being obsessed with details of anatomy - thinking of movements in terms of the way bones and muscles shift, looking at facial structure as a product of the underlying bones, stuff like that - is playing around in my mind again. Possibly I used it in a story long ago, but I'd have to go back and re-read my old Saiyuki stuff to find out and I'm not sure I have the nerve. But basically, one day there should probably be a story about Hakkai titled The Skull Beneath The Skin or something equally predictable. In it he can really, really obsess over death, as a process. The technical side of things, if you will. I have various other ideas. If you're lucky I will never get around to writing them. Yes, of course I have read the PD James book of the same name. Erm.

Anyway, it's horribly self-inserty, given my profession and area of specialisation and the way it alters my view of the world. Though, I think that's okay if it's also IC for the character in question. Fanfiction is inherently self-indulgent anyway, I suppose, to some degree or other.

A lot of things I write in fandom have various bits of myself in them and I don't think that's a bad thing. Is it?

Curiosity makes me ask: how much of yourself do you think comes through in your stories? What sorts of things? Do you like or dislike adapting things that have happened to you or quirks possessed by you or people around you to fit characters? How much is too much?

And why is the a cat sitting on top of the (computer) mouse?

Some of life's greatest mysteries... (Oh, wait. The answer to that last one is because I refused to feed her so she's pointedly sulking at me. Even though she has eaten, having stolen a quantity of lasagne in the early hours of the morning.)
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Some bits of writing. I did these after poking from Anj on various occasions, mostly as timed challenge things... not always posting the whole things, just snipping out little bits and pieces. But yeah, I never shared any of this with anyone but Anj before. Here. Have some stuff.

1. Original fic snippet - searchlights on Oxford Street )

2. D1 AU - supernatural? just slightly strange? Dunno. Written to 'Drifter' by Siouxsie & the Banshees )

3. D1 futurefic bit )

4. Gojyo thinks about families and Hakkai )

And I have another Saiyuki one, which is a bit longer, but I've decided I should try to finish that one off and make it into some kind of coherent story. More on that another day.
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It's been a long, long time since I read so much fanfic as I have been this week. This is all [ profile] saiyuki_time's fault. I've become really picky with fic, to be honest, and I can probably be overly harsh... flaws tend to overshadow good points pretty badly for me. But I'm trying to be a little less demanding.

And I've been enjoying myself over in Saiyuki fandom as a result. Yay. :D

Of course, the amount of interesting fic produced for the opening [ profile] saiyuki_time challenges has helped a lot. I hope it keeps going like this, it's kind of incredible.

Crystal wanted to know what I'd liked from it. Have a list. It's totally possible I've missed good stuff, there's been so much posted. :D :D :D

My favourite bits:

Challenge #1: First Time

Unexpected by [ profile] a_mael. Gojyo. Worksafe.

Everything in Time by [ profile] devikun. Gojyo, Jien. R.

A Long Line of Firsts by [ profile] lillypuff. Tenpou. PG.

Rites of Passage by [ profile] crystalusagi. Hakkai/Gojyo. PG.

First Course by [ profile] thewriter0. Hakkai, Gojyo. Worksafe.

No Lullaby by [ profile] smillaraaq. Gojyo. PG-13.

Disjunction by [ profile] avierra. Gojyo. PG-16.

First Night Out by [ profile] tochira. Sanzo-ikkou. Worksafe.

Lucid Dreams by [ profile] athena8. Hazel. PG.

First Time by [ profile] andmydog. Hakkai/Gojyo. Worksafe.

Bonus challenge: Rebirth

Concentric by [ profile] a_mael. Sanzo-ikkou. Worksafe.

The Creator by [ profile] louiselux. Nii. Worksafe.

Slow Burn by [ profile] emungere. Koumyou. Worksafe.

The River Flows On by [ profile] rroselavy. Koumyou, Kouryuu. Worksafe.

To Sleep by [ profile] acantabloom. Kougaiji. Worksafe.
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I woke up before six this morning, but at least I've spent some of that time happily reading stuff posted on [ profile] saiyuki_time. There's some really nice bits and pieces over there; I do recommend checking it out if you're interested in Saiyuki and haven't been reading stuff there.

Particularly recommended are-

Everything in Time by [ profile] devikun (Gojyo and Jien, R)

The Creator by [ profile] louiselux (Nii, remarkably worksafe considering that it's.. well.. Nii.)

Slow Burn by [ profile] emungere (Koumyou, worksafe.)

And there are others that're well worth a read around the place too. :)

For myself, I'll take a shot at the challenges some time in the next couple of days, whenever things hit a bit of a lull.
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Oh dear god. For serious? A Saiyuki musical?? I think it's a musical anyway? Pez informs me that yes, it is a musical.

*dies dies dies dies dies*

Oh Japan. This will be awful and yet hysterically funny, I'm sure. I'll be disappointed if it isn't, anyway.

(Link from [ profile] darknightrain.)
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Not that I have the faintest idea what's really going on, but Saiyuki Gaiden, ILU )

ETA: and now I understand what's going on, too

The world seems determined to distract me today.
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I went to bed I think around ten because I was feeling a little tired and a little unwell. I was going to read! I was! Then... it was 9am. Uhm. I guess I... needed some more sleep. I dreamed about chasing cats. O_o;;;

I'm feeling a little generally uneasy about life but... *shrugs* what's new?

Have some random rough snippets from stuff which I wish I could make go somewhere. 2 x Tenipuri, 2 x Saiyuki, almost all outrageously AU. Not edited. (Hah, I jump on Pez's WIP-sharing bandwagon. It's not like I have anything else to share lately.)

1. cyberpunk D1, ~450 words )

2. Gojyo/Hakkai AU originally meant for Springkink back in, uhm, July. ~1200 words and nowhere near any sort of completion. )

3. Random Saiyuki AU - Hakkai indulges in melodramatic memories. ~250 words. )

4. Sanada/Yukimura futurefic snippet. ~450 words. )

Okay. Yeah. That's about it...

*needs more tea*
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Title: Sleepless
Rating: G
Fandom: Saiyuki
Characters: Sanzo, Goku
Summary: not-quite-drabble. Sanzo watches the rain and Goku watches Sanzo. ([ profile] dystopiarcadia was throwing me random prompts on one of the many trains we've taken together recently and this one came out better than most of them.)

Sleepless )


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