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Love me! *attention-whores* XD;;; (No. I cannot be bothered to go the socially acceptable route and just do one of those love-meme things. Shut up. Or ignore me. EVERYONE ELSE DOES. :D)

For valentine's day I received some cat-drool and a hairball. It's all good. Rather that than most of the things Pez and I spotted in shops around Colchester the other day. There are some true pink-and-red horrors out there.

Lynn ([ profile] readerofasaph) apparently wants to outread me this year. I'm finding this endlessly amusing, sorry Lynn. So far I believe she's on one book and I'm on eleven -- well. I've read 11 and I'm reading 2. Of course, Val ([ profile] firescribble) is on twenty-five, so I don't actually get to feel that superior. And I refuse to even think about how much Em has probably read this year.

The Lies of Locke Lamora - Scott Lynch
Red Seas Under Red Skies - Scott Lynch
The Warrior's Apprentice - Lois McMaster Bujold
Fairyland - Paul J McAuley
The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle - Haruki Murakami
Nation - Terry Pratchett
The Uncommon Reader - Alan Bennett
Broken Angels - Richard Morgan
Odd and the Frost Giants - Neil Gaiman
To Say Nothing Of The Dog - Connie Willis
A Winter Book - Tove Jansson

I'm currently reading:
The Book Thief - Markus Zusak
The Prestige - Christopher Priest

I'd really like to read some more by Tove Jansson. I found her writing totally captivating. Also I may go a little mad waiting for another book from Scott Lynch. And The Prestige is good but of course reduced in mind-fuck value by having seen the film previously. Apparently it's the most sane and straightforward of Priest's books, though. Which I think basically means I'll have to check out the rest at some stage. I've been lent Doomsday Book by Connie Willis which is apparently in the same setting as To Say Nothing Of The Dog but different in tone.

(I should take new photos of my bookshelves. *laughs* They were pretty much full when we moved in, after all, and the books have multiplied a lot since then. We fitted two extra shelves into the units, and probably have space for about three or four more books left on those...)
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Someone asked me why there hadn't been Tezmobile photos for a while. My camera still sucks, though.

...she put herself there, but somehow she doesn't look too impressed...

(Pez's camera is better. XD;)
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As though confirmation was needed... )

Speaking of Tezmobile, I just heard suspicious noises and went into the kitchen to find her staring at me in panic.

From inside the bin.
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While I was out today, Tezmobile decided that she should gleefully deconstruct a cake all over the kitchen floor and knock some cutlery down with it just for extra bonus fun. Upon my return, she tried to eat the vegetables I'd just bought at the shops.

Including raw potatoes.

There is something wrong with this cat.

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1. My masochism. Let me show you it.

(This is what happens when you angst too much with Lynn about writing. Oh yeah, just imagine what the rest of the many hour long conversation was like.)

2. Today I made chicken stock; I think this finally pushed Tezmobile over the edge and tumbling down into the deep dark waters of chicken-craving madness. Poor thing. Serves her right for the hairball and the use of the rug as a litter-tray and the close call with my lunch.

3. The lack of humidity and the frequent cloud-cover today have both been glorious. I walked to the shops and wasn't dead of heat by the time I got back.

4. Baccano! continues to provide the good stuff. And by 'good' I mean 'totally demented.'
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Dear Tezmobile,

Some points for your consideration:

1. My elbow is sticking out because I am trying to tie my hair back, not because I am inviting you to lick it.

2. It is not dinner time. It is not even close.

3. Those raspberries are not your own personal toys. They are, in fact, part of my lunch.

4. Where is the green d20?

5. Sitting in front of the computer monitor will not make me give you food, or even as much attention as you seem to be hoping for. Especially if it isn't the monitor of the computer I'm actually using.

In conclusion: you still have lot more to work on.

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(Although I suppose if Tezmobile could read she would probably find this more useful...)


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