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I finished watching Gurren Lagann yesterday and already I miss the ludicrously huge explosions, the manly shouting, the giant robots that turn into gianter robots and then have little robots inside them, the... drills...

(If the moral of Exalted is that anything can be solved using a big enough daiklave, the moral of Gurren Lagann is that anything can be solved using a big enough drill. In fact, if you gave everyone in Exalted drills instead of daiklaves it would probably turn into Gurren Lagann. Nothing is impossible IF YOU BELIEVE IT HARD ENOUGH. And have a big enough drill.)

The show did some unexpected things that boosted my respect for it a bunch -- I mean, it's basically a fairly straightforward testosterone-fueled giant robot show which is all about the explosions/drills/manly shouting, but every now and again there's something that just makes you O_O a bit. Or a lot, in one case. And then there's the characters. I even liked Yoko. A lot. (She's the ludicrously fanservicy and barely dressed female character. But she's just really damn cool as well. Even if she does constantly look as though she's about to fall out of her bikini... thing.) There were some things I didn't like so much too, but I will say, by the very end I was happy with how everything worked out.

Incidentally, things that still amuse me a bit: Pez asking me when I was watching some episode or other of this series, "so is this meant to be serious? Because the dialogue is a bit... um..." ...really. Is it meant to be serious? I shall die laughing now. :D (ILU, Pez.)

I still don't have a Gurren Lagann icon, though. :( I need to go and fix this. I guess I need to make screencaps after all.


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