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I hit post on my entry and instead LJ ate it. It is not giving it back. Bastard.

Anyway, I had lots of stuff planned for today but 'cause the health centre is only open mornings I had to get bloodtests done first and now I'm woozy. Oops. Doing some serious sitting down and drinking of tea, etc. That's the blood test for coeliac disease out of the way, in any case; I've lost track of how many tubes of blood have been taken from me in the last year but I'm fairly sure it must be in double figures by now. Also, my arm hurts like a bitch. Just thought you might like to know.

And now some fic snippets while I recover myself, because I promised.


1. Niou and Yukimura:

Ambition )


2. Rikkai IN SPACE, or something:

Adventures on Okinawa )


3. And another bit of Damage Done:

Yukimura's idea of a test... )
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Some bits of writing. I did these after poking from Anj on various occasions, mostly as timed challenge things... not always posting the whole things, just snipping out little bits and pieces. But yeah, I never shared any of this with anyone but Anj before. Here. Have some stuff.

1. Original fic snippet - searchlights on Oxford Street )

2. D1 AU - supernatural? just slightly strange? Dunno. Written to 'Drifter' by Siouxsie & the Banshees )

3. D1 futurefic bit )

4. Gojyo thinks about families and Hakkai )

And I have another Saiyuki one, which is a bit longer, but I've decided I should try to finish that one off and make it into some kind of coherent story. More on that another day.
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-- I do not have anything complete to offer for Yukimura's birthday. I am very ashamed of this fact; but instead I am giving you... a teaser? *g*

This fic idea is basically Pez's bastard brain-child which she disowned at birth and left on my metaphorical doorstep with a note instructing me to look after it. It's AU, and it's about Rikkai as the young and wealthy who have too much time on their hands. Improbable as that sounds. I was ordered to write it as my atonement for... past sins, which I cannot divulge at present but which were severe. I have to write less-than-absolutely-serious porn. Apparently then Yukimura might forgive me. I'm not convinced that'll be all it takes, personally.

And of course, some people may consider this a sin in and of itself. :D Pairings are... Niou/Yukimura, Sanada/Yukimura, Yagyuu/Niou, and possibly others. It's called Pleasurewood Hill (also on orders from Pez). It's not the most worksafe thing you will ever see. Really.

800 words of fic here - Niou/Yukimura, Yukimura pervs on Sanada )

-- More things to kill time; the letter game thingy. Get given a letter, list ten things beginning with that letter which you like, other people may request a letter from you. Etc. [ profile] tokyostory gave me N.

N is for )

-- Dexter is on ITV, it seems. ^^
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I went to bed I think around ten because I was feeling a little tired and a little unwell. I was going to read! I was! Then... it was 9am. Uhm. I guess I... needed some more sleep. I dreamed about chasing cats. O_o;;;

I'm feeling a little generally uneasy about life but... *shrugs* what's new?

Have some random rough snippets from stuff which I wish I could make go somewhere. 2 x Tenipuri, 2 x Saiyuki, almost all outrageously AU. Not edited. (Hah, I jump on Pez's WIP-sharing bandwagon. It's not like I have anything else to share lately.)

1. cyberpunk D1, ~450 words )

2. Gojyo/Hakkai AU originally meant for Springkink back in, uhm, July. ~1200 words and nowhere near any sort of completion. )

3. Random Saiyuki AU - Hakkai indulges in melodramatic memories. ~250 words. )

4. Sanada/Yukimura futurefic snippet. ~450 words. )

Okay. Yeah. That's about it...

*needs more tea*


May. 6th, 2007 01:12 pm
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More tentatively... some Yagyuu. Niou's POV for this practically writes itself. Yagyuu's... does not. This is difficult. But needed. I'm not sure if this is right or going to make it into the final version. I'm also not sure how the whole thing should be structured, fit together... heh.

So basically, it's a mess and this feels clumsy. Have another thousand words. Still worksafe. (Newly edited to clarify some stuff.)

Investigation )


May. 5th, 2007 08:56 am
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Pez. Never say that I ignore all your prompts. *pokes*

700 words of conman!Niou, in the fine tradition of Catch Me If You Can. G/PG-ish. For now.


Paying attention to the details... )
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Poking through my drafts folder again. Things I will almost certainly never finish and do not, in fact, remember the origin of (though I can take a guess). All D1, none actually properly titled even:

Niou and glasses )

Random foreplay (do I even need to point out that this is NSFW?) )

Distance )
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A very short bit, a random scene, Dangerous Games setting again. It's eating my brain right now. Kirihara and Fuji face off. Notice how I still fail at writing in anything even close to chronological order. *headdesks*

It's also the first time I've written from his POV. Ever. )

...and there I stop for the night, even if it's a pitifully small fragment, because. Visiting either parent = being fed wine... >_>;
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So there I was, writing my fantasy AU, showed a bit to Syl - "Hey, for a moment this made me think of Gormenghast," she says.

My brain has just shattered.

Mostly because it makes me really want to include Hiyoshi as a Steerpike-esque figure and then do horrible, horrible things to him.

Anyway, here's a bit more of aforementioned fantasy-thing. Without Hiyoshi. But with Yukimura. And a lot of vagueness... -_-

That will do well enough )


Jan. 8th, 2007 09:19 am
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I do not know what this is, but it's now about 850 words long. Shit. Ok.

- Fantasy AU
- D1-centric, featuring most of Rikkai
- Surprisingly angsty for me, or looking likely to be
- Contains OCs. Uhm. Well. One OC so far, but an OC which definitely implies the existance of another OC at some stage...

...I think we can conclude that practically no-one will actually read such a thing. :D

I am also only just beginning to work out what the plot of it is going to be. All of these things would seem to indicate that I should just. stop. now.

But instead I thought I'd throw you a fragment.

Sigh. It's pretty PG thus far, though that's liable to change at a moment's notice.

Do not know if I should even bother with more of this.


Read more... )


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