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Thinking about what to do with dreamwidth. Headscratching etc. I think I might shift to a clean account, actually, because I don't really want the mess that is my older LJ entries and can't really sort them out easily into any sort of coherence; I imported them just to see if I could without any clue as to what I might eventually do over here. (I'm still not sure, because I don't actually want to just mirror my LJ content, I think; I use LJ mostly for keeping up with people, at the moment. So something else. Public Swedish-language journal? Though there are more people who can understand on my LJ, and the filter - which I need to remember to use - is a less public showcase of linguistic wobbliness. Journal more purely for meta-type stuff? As if I write much, though I do have stray thoughts somethines. Hum.) What I do know is whatever I want I would prefer it to be in a place that feels less cluttered with things from long ago. I have one archive of all that crap, right back to when I was in my late teens and in a pretty rubbish relationship and all the rest.

So I'm thinking about that.


Date: 2010-04-10 08:57 pm (UTC)
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*grins* A lot of people seem to feel like DW should be a fresh start. I like the elbow-roomy feeling it gives a lot of the journals here.


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