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I was re-reading The Three Musketeers over the weekend.

So you remember how there's this ever so hotheaded young man, right, who goes to the city to seek his fortune, right, and ends up completely on the wrong side of these three musketeers who also happen to be a very close-knit group and then stuff happens and they almost all try to kill him but they kind of end up adopting him a little bit instead and...



Ohshit. (Either you know where this one is going or you're not into the right/wrong things.)

(This prompted looking up of The Three Musketeers on wikipedia, where I learned that there is an anime. I quote: In the anime, Aramis is a woman who cross-dressed into a man in order to become a musketeer. Aramis' love of the arts in the original novel influenced the producers into changing the character's gender. In addition, it added a romantic angle within the series. And The series' depiction of the Man in the Iron Mask is rather original, as the character appears in the form of a Doctor Doom-like villain. Wow. I can't decide if this knowledge needs to be scrubbed from my mind, or if I need to see the damn thing out of a sense of morbid curiosity. Either way, can I have a vast supply of alcohol to help me, please?

I also remembered the existance of the two animated series which I have seen, both of which traumatised me rather -- Albert the Fifth Musketeer, which was traumatic in a fairly basic sort of way, and Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds, which was a bizarre Spanish/Japanese production and which still breaks my brain to even think about. Who sat down and came up with that one, seriously?)


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