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Reveals are up on [ profile] rikkai_exchange! It's totally done, wrapped up, posts have been edited to include author's names, etc. And I'm so relieved.

Reveal time having arrived means I can own up to the fact that I wrote Moments of Grace (Sanada/Yukimura, Niou/Yukimura, NC-17), though I think everyone who actually read it and some people who didn't probably figured that one out anyway.

A few comments on my fic and stuff )

Things I especially enjoyed from this round, by the way, include... )

I promise there's plenty of stuff I didn't mention here which is worth reading or staring at! :)

Incidentally, on a quick count-up, it seems as though Yagyuu and Niou pretty much ruled the exchange between them -- just counting stories/art where they were the main characters they accounted for almost half the submissions this time around. Last year Yanagi/Kirihara was second most popular but this year it's pretty much gone, and Sanada/Yukimura/Yanagi (which was somewhere around the same popularity as Yanagi/Kirihara) has more or less vanished too. Everything else is sort of ambling along at about the same levels. *laugh* A bit less AU.

And we're done.

Thank you all. *__*
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posting has now begun on [ profile] rikkai_exchange. Go forth and explore! There'll be one story or piece of art posted a day for the next three weeks or so.

(Meant to post about this last night but was distracted by the destruction of my childhood. Thanks, Japan.)


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