Feb. 21st, 2007 08:01 pm
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Is my computer being screwy, or are the subtitles on Saiunkoku 33 really badly messed up?


Oh well, at least 32 worked fine, so I got a bit of a fix. *grin* I want to fic Saiunkoku properly, rather than just the one little snippet I managed, but so far no substantial bunnies have taken the bait. Possibly just as well. Might do some more between/behind the scenes bits in lieu of anything more... plotful. (Given that Saiunkoku has driven me to write things I thought I would never ever even like, much less write, it may be as well that I don't have much. Though Shuuei/Kouyuu is a pairing I'd love to write which is not at all wrong, to the best of my knowledge. *g* )

I want the Sa clan dead, please? All bar one.


Jan. 29th, 2007 12:28 pm
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I'm all caught up on the subs. And. ARGH. MORE. NOW. ...please?

Saiunkoku 22-27 )

So broadly speaking I'm damn happy, because the series continues to be awesome, but. MORE. NOW.

I'm also really annoyed because a bunch of the episodes I downloaded skip a lot, to the point where you can't read the subtitles. I watched them on YouTube instead, but... grar. When a series is this pretty I really want to see it at full quality. ;)
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Andy linked me to this this morning and said "I thought of you." I should probably be worried. Eh. XD; (What disturbs me most is actually that I recognise every. single. one. of those quotes.)

Bits keep blowing off the lamppost outside our flat. Slightly concerning.

Been watching Saiunkoku Monogatari (YES! I can spell it without looking up the title! Finally!) today, between reading papers and getting hauled around London to look at contours and place-names by our Roman & Medieval London lecturer. Seen about 8 episodes. Enjoying it very, very much. With the prettiness and the intrigue. And the non-annoying female main character. All-round win so far, really. (Oh, anime, how I've missed you. I love the 2D people. Though I have to admit that Sarah made slight progress with encouraging me to at least not totally ignore the 3D people last night. Hm.)

I am trying not to stare at the torrent for Bleach 111 to will it to go faster, but it is so very difficult. I will go do something away from the computer for an hour and maybe try to think of a title for the fantasy AU fic as I seem to be writing relatively substantial amounts of it now so it probably should have a title... I hate titles. And hopefully when I come back there will be shiny new anime to watch.


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