Dec. 11th, 2007 12:11 pm
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1. I am bored. Therefore! Poll time. >) (As AU as you like with the answers. It's practically encouraged.)

[Poll #1104215]

I need to request D1 deathfic for That Exchange, I reckon.

2. Monstrous Regiment is actually really good so far. Why the hell didn't I like it the first time around??

3. You guys made me feel loved. ♥ (A couple of the comments intrigued me, but could not respond because of the post maxing out.)

Edit: Entry is now public so that Unni's sock-puppets more people can play. >_>
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Random thought #1: I wish I knew enough about Tokyo to write about Tokyo Below (in the tradition of Neverwhere's London Below).

Obviously, there would be very strange things in the depths of Shinjuku station.

(This thought prompted by the Underground London book sitting on the floor next to my chair. Which I will read once I'm done with my exchange fic. It will be... research. For what? Secret. *grin*)

Random thought #2: In Discworld!Tenipuri, Ojii is a History Monk. Maybe he has bonzai mountains. But he's probably the one with the broom. (Always remember never to forget Rule One.)

Thought 2(a): Does this make Rokkaku his disciples?

Thought 2(b): Discworld!Tenipuri RP: win or fail at life? (Please note that this thought is not entirely serious and that people should take immediate steps to kick it out of my mind. Please.)

Exchange fic: I don't want to talk about the sex. *keeps trying to fix*
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Okay. Well. See title? I decided I needed "a couple of discworld quote icons" (hah). Somehow this... degenerated. Note that I am actually really bad at making icons.

10 x Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
14 x Discworld

Do what you like with them. Use them. Edit them. Jump up and down on them. Recycle them as firelighters. I don't honestly give a damn if you credit or not. *g*

Icons here )

Now... now I need food...
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Soul Society was quite obviously designed by Bloody Stupid Johnson. :D

It explains so much. Especially those random holes all over the place, and the never-ending staircases.


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